September 3, 2022 Featured Articles, Poker News Lars Liedtke

Phil Hellmuth Blames Doug Polk for All His Ills

Doug Polk has responded to criticism from Phil Hellmuth in a recent interview with Nick Vertucci. The “Poker Brat” was grilled about why he faces so much criticism and Polk took the brunt of it.

Doug Polk Fires Back at Phil Hellmuth Criticism in Nick Vertucci Interview

The interview started with questioning why Phil Hellmuth receives so much hate from the poker community. The answer was simple: he constantly tells everyone that he is the best!

Forgetting Phil Hellmuth’s fantastic tournament record for a minute, he points that that specifically his high roller performance has netted him $1.7 million to date while many say he isn’t even a winner

As for cash games, Hellmuth has long been criticised for not being a top-level player but he responds by revealing that he hasn’t had a losing month in them since 2011. It was only 2004-2008 that he lost money overall.

To date, he has won 30 mixed game sessions in a row and 24/25 TV cash games. Not bad really, if it’s true.

Then the focus moved onto Doug Polk. Phil Hellmuth claims that Doug Polk is underperforming and losing viewers because he doesn’t tell the truth.

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Doug Polk Takes Fire for Broadcasting Fake News

Phil Hellmuth accuses Doug Polk of a range of offences. Flat out lying; exaggerating to make a bigger story out of nothing; producing clickbait; and plain, old fake news.

All of this, Hellmuth say, has caused Polk to lose the trust of his viewership. Of course this is debatable as the Doug Polk Podcast is still one of the most popular in the industry.

Polk was quick to respond on Twitter but Hellmuth maintained his stance.

How Rich Is Phil Hellmuth?

Another interesting snippet from the interview was a question about how much Phil Hellmuth is worth. While we didn’t get a direct answer, he did state that in April 2022 he thought he was worth as much as $100 million but quickly lost $11 million from speculative investments.

We also learned that Hellmuth is on the advisory board of many different companies for as little as 10 hours’ worth of work each year for around 2% of the stock.

All in all, a good interview but not everyone was impressed. One poster seems to think that these accusatory antics are worthy of a playground spat.

You’re a 6’7″ grown man who consistently verbally attacks, intimidates, and insults new/recreational players and women for making reasonable plays to get attention, and you’re on here whining about how big, scary Dougie Polk and his tank tops is hurting you with his mean videos?”