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Partypoker.es Review – France & Spain shared online poker liquidity

Partypoker got approval for shared poker liquidity

As reported, Partypoker got the approval  for shared online poker liquidty last week from French regulator ARJEL.


This is great news for French and Spanish poker players, as it means more traffic, a better game selection and bigger prize pools in tournaments.

In addition to that, Partypoker is looking to join Portugal and Italy, who have also signed the shared liquidity agreement, as soon as possible into the player pool!


Shared online poker liquidity since January

The 16th of January marks an important milestone in the history of online poker. On that day France and Spain became the first countries ever, who shared their online poker liquidity.

PokerStars.es became the first poker site to share liquidity and since that PokerStars.es allows non-resident players to join the considerably softer French-Spanish player pool.


Player Pool on partypoker.es much softer than on Partypoker.com

In addition to that, partypoker announced  that they are working hard on integrating all four countries: France, Italy, Spain and Portugal as as soon as possible into one player pool.

This is expected for Q2 of 2018 and once done it will turn the shared liquidity pool into one of the biggest poker markets in the world and lead to even bigger prize pools and more traffic.

Earlier in February, 2018 the Portuguese Gambling Regulatory Authority (SRIJ) has approved a resolution to authorise shared poker liquidity with other countrie finally after the regulators made the agreement in July, 2017.

Apparentely it took a bit to convince the Italian regulatory bodies to proceed and approve the deal but what we understand is that they are ready to join the liquidity pool and we expect this will happen in Q2 2018 as well.

Partypoker.es First Deposit Bonus and Rewards

Partypoker.es is offering a fantastic  Welcome Package consisting of a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to €500 Bonus plus Entry to their €250 Bankroll Booster Freeroll!

partypoker.es Review

The First Deposit Bonus is paid out in ten single segments a €50 for every €400 in rake earned and is worth 12,5% rakeback.

You have 60 days to clear the full poker bonus amount, which should be more than enough time. In addition to that, they have an amazing offer for new players, where you can get €30 FOR FREE, when making a deposit of €20!

partypoker.es Rake

In the table below you can find the rake rates at partypoker.es seperated by three diferent categories: No-Limit and Pot-Limit Games, Limit Games and Heads-Up:

Limit Cash Games

LimitsNumber of PlayersRake @ Pot SizeMaximum
€5/102€0.50 per €10.00€1.00
3-4€0.50 per €10.00€2.00
5-10€0.50 per €10.00€3.00
€3/62€0.50 per €10.00€1.00
3-4€0.50 per €10.00€2.00
5-10€0.50 per €10.00€3.00
€2/42€0.25 per €5.00€1.00
3-4€0.25 per €5.00€2.00
5-10€0.25 per €5.00€3.00
€1/22-10€0.05 per €1.00€1.00
€0.25/€0.50 & €0.50/€1.002-10€0.05 per €1.00€1.00
€0.10/€0.20 & €0.15/€0.302-10€0.01 per €0.20€0.50
€0.02/€0.04 & €0.05/€0.102-10€0.01 per €0.10€0.50

All Heads Up Games No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit

LimitsNumber of playersRake @ Pot SizeMaximum
All2€0.05 per €1.00€1.00

No-Limit & Pot-Limit Cash Games

BlindsNumber of PlayersRake @ Pot SizeMaximum
€0.10/0.25 to €5/102€0.01 per €0.20€1.00
3-4€0.01 per €0.20€2.00
5-10€0.01 per €0.20€3.00
€0.01/€0.02 to €0.05/€0.102-10€0.01 per €0.20