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Nick Schulman provides video updates from Bobby’s Room – Interviews Jungleman on his legendary Playboy shoot

It’s been a while since we heard of Gus Hansen on Instagram. It’s been over 3 months since “the Great Dane” has gifted us an update from Bobby’s Room.

Luckily, Nick Schulman has taken over the role of the video reporter in Bellagio’s famous super high stakes cash game room. He posted a series of videos to his Twitter featuring online poker legend Daniel “Jungleman” Cates.

Jungleman Takes Down $375K Pot in Bobby’s Room

It all started out in the usual way from Bobby’s Room.

Schulman’s video shows a hand of limit 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo 8-or-Better. Cates goes all-in then makes a wheel, the best possible low hand in the game, and takes down a $375,000 pot.

However, the next few tweets are of Nick Schulman asking quite unorthodox questions from Jungleman. To his credit, the interviewee didn’t shy away from any of the sensitive topics.

How Many Girls from the Photoshoot Did Jungleman Have Sex With?

Back in May, Jungleman posted a photo that caught quite a few people’s attention in the online poker community.

In the style of Instagram star Dan Bilzerian, it showed him surrounded by 14 attractive young women, completely nude. Since then, Jungleman talked about the photo in depth on Joe Ingram’s podcast.  We learnt that, despite what some people assumed, the women involved didn’t receive any additional payment other than having their travel to the French Riviera paid for.

However, one burning question remained unanswered.

Fortunately, Nick Schulman was there to ask it. Out of those 14 girls, how many did Daniel “Jungleman” Cates actually sleep with?

The answer is 2. And although he tried, Jungleman failed to convince them to have a threesome. Now all we have to know is exactly which 2 women from the infamous photo Cates had sex with.

In other Twitter videos, Nick Schulman got even further out of line, asking questions like how many times Jungleman masturbates per week or if he ever had sexual fantasies about one of his friends’ mother…

However, eventually the inquiry got back on the right track and we learnt some new things about Jungleman’s poker game and the way he views the world.

Philosophy Lesson with Nick Schulman and Daniel “Jungleman” Cates

So besides banging chicks and masturbation, the poker pro duo also covered some serious philosophical conundrums. Jungleman elaborated on if he thinks it’s possible that we all live in a simulation, or if humankind has free will.

However, what most poker fans really care about is not Jungleman’s views on metaphysics, rather his poker game.

Luckily, we got some questions from Nick Schulman on that subject as well. For example, Jungleman told him what his leaks are – or rather, used to be.

He answered that a while back, he used to deviate from his strategy way too much if he felt one of the players at the table tried to push him around. This cost him a lot, especially in tournaments, according to him.

In this video, Jungleman recalls the time he broke down in tears at the poker table.

If you feel inclined, you can find a couple more of these videos on the famous poker player and commentator, Nick Schulman’s Twitter feed.

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