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Daniel Negreanu questions if Trump really got COVID-19 or if it is a political ploy

Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and conspiracy theories emerge

Donald Trump, president of the United States of America has just confirmed that both, he and Melanie Trump have tested positive for the Coronavirus. However, there are already discussions on Twitter about the president potentially lying.

Daniel Negreanu questions if Donald Trump really got COVID-19


Donald Trump officially announced that he would be going to quarantine immediately and it didn’t take too long for some Twitter users to come up with some wild conspiracy theories.

GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu was one of the first poker pros to refer to these theories.

According to him there have been lots of people actually doubting Donald Trump’s words. However, Daniel Negreanu himself didn’t express any opinion on that theory – he was just reflecting opinions.

Nevertheless, Negreanu himself expressed shared his views on America just a couple of hours earlier on Twitter:

While he is obviously not very happy about the current state of the country, several Twitter users didn’t hold back either.

Negreanu himself did not say anything about Trump’s infection though – the people replying to his most recent Tweet took care of the discussion themselves instead.

Daniel Negreanu questions if Trump really got COVID-19 or if it is a political ploy

Some of them were quick to deny the conspiracy theories and referred to other people being asymptomatic as well:

Apparently, it was a Navy physician who signed Donald Trump off which would mean that it’s definitely a real COVID-19 infection.

Other users however were mocking the POTUS and referred to a previous episode of the Simpsons:

Another user even suggested that the election would get delayed until April which is obviously pure speculation without any facts to back up the claim.

Voices of reason

But there are also many users who are disgraced by the behavior of the Twitter community in general:

Minutes after Donald Trump tweeted about him contracting the coronavirus even the stock market took a hit and share prices plummeted by a few percent.

At this point, it is obviously difficult to say whether the wild accusations are actually true or false. However, the announcement even caused most bookmakers such as Betfair to put the betting odds on the upcoming next POTUS on hold.

Trump didn’t show any symptoms during the debate this week and presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced that he has not been infected with COVID-19.

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