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Mike Postle magazine and Twitter handles try to create doubt in cheating allegations

A gambling magazine that used to have Mike Postle on its marketing and promotions staff has come out with an article this week claiming that the alleged cheat’s winrate is not nearly as high as many have claimed.

The neverending Mike Postle cheating scandal continues

Postle is currently the subject of a California Department of Justice investigation, as well as at the center of a $30million civil lawsuit on behalf of up to 100 players.

Earlier this week we reported on the shenanigans surrounding the attempt to serve process on Postle for the lawsuit.

The lawyer working on behalf of Postle’s opponents during the cash games in question, Mac Verstandig, claimed in a court filing that he personally attempted to serve Postle with the papers following six unsuccessful attempts by a professional notice server to do so.

Haley Hintze, the journalist who broke the lawsuit serving story, described the article as a ‘red herring’.

Haley hintze poker
Haley Hintze

The alleged cheating situation erupted when player and commentator Veronica Brill turned whistleblower last year.

veroncia brill poker
Veronica Brill

Online poker community leading investigations

A community-led investigation ensued, posters on the 2+2 forum putting forward figures of around $330,000 for the amount Postle is believed to have won over the course of his disputed sessions, in which he is alleged to have cheated using various techniques.

RounderLife, however, claims that the actual sum Postle won is likely much lower. Perhaps off ‘by as much as $150,000’.

Brill, who posts on Twitter under Angry_Polak, has been quick to refute the magazine’s claims, however…

Others have claimed that even if the initial figures were off by as much as half, the preponderance of evidence still clearly shows that Postle won by unethical and/or illegal means.

That tweet was in reply to Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow sharing the RounderLife version of events.

Matusow is one of the very few people who have publicly sided with Postle, inviting him on to his Mouthpiece podcast several months ago.

That interview led to very little in the way of refutation of the allegations, and Mike’s retweet of the RounderLife article this week faced similar strong criticism…

Veronica Brill described it as ‘propaganda’ and other responses were similarly dismissive of the RounderLife and Matusow position…

The relationship between Postle and RounderLife was also called into question, initial reports wrongly claiming that Postle co-founded the magazine prompting several tweets in response…

A new chapter in the Postle story?

They added: ‘Mr. Postle has never been an owner, nor was he financially compensated for his contribution in helping forge relationships and open doors for Rounder within the gaming industry.’

As we go to press, they have just released this message on Twitter. It claims that ’New Details In Postlegate Saga To Be Released This Week!’

The poker community, however, will certainly need more than a revised set of ridiculously high, crushing winrate numbers to start seriously questioning Postle’s culpability.

In what is potentially the biggest scandal poker has seen in almost a decade, here is a complete rundown of the Postlegate story so far on VIP Grinde