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Mike Matusow Calls NFTs “Dog Shit” on Twitter

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow has posted a tirade on Twitter aimed at people who spend large sums on the new NFT craze. He said that people who pay so much for “dog shit” should be photographed so the world knows who the dumbest people on the planet are.

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Mike Matusow Calls NFT Buyers Morons

The non-fungible token market has exploded during 2021. People have been playing outrageous sums for what amounts to nothing more than a picture, and a picture that can easily be duplicated at that.

But not everybody who has invested is taking the short-sighted view. Just like when the cryptocurrency market became mainstream, some people are quicker to spot a profitable opportunity than others.

The price of NFTs appears to be every bit as volatile as Bitcoin and quite a few people have cashed in already.

Are NFTs Worth Those Huge Amounts of Money?

Mike Matusow was so shocked by what he saw that he delved a little deeper into the NFT market, and he probably wished he hadn’t once he saw the dollar amounts.

Mike Matusow Calls NFTs "Dog Shit" on Twitter

The cryptopunk NFT range looks to be where the high roller poker players have been getting involved. Mike McDonald, Bill Perkins, and Dan Smith are just a few of those holding at least six-figure’s worth.

A total of 10,000 24×24 images exist, with many being worth several million US dollars. When Matusow saw the sale of the NFT shown below go through for an eye-watering $6.6 million he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Anyone who pays 6.6m for this should automatically be taken directly to a mental institution! No questions asked! Directly! #morons”

Mike Matusow Called a Hypocrite for Blowing all his Money on Drugs

It didn’t take long before somebody posted on Twitter that Mike is being a bit of a hypocrite here after he blew a fortune on drugs, booze, and gambling.

“If you were still getting that Full Tilt money you’d be spending it on all kinds of dumb shit”

There probably some truth to that, but we’re sure that he’ll say he got his money’s worth over the years; what value does a cryptopunk graphic hold for anybody?

Another poster fired back at Matusow to say if he was still loaded he’d be doing this too.

“Don’t lie; you know if you were still getting that full tilt money you’d be spending it on all kinds of dumb shit like this.”

Mike McDonald recently spent over $400,000 on a NFT rock, but we’re sure that he’s got some profitable plan worked out for the future as we all know how bright that guy is.

Doug Polk also blasted the new NFT craze, questioning if it was even legit.

Don’t forget to check out the latest poker news to see what’s been happening in the poker world.

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