October 17, 2020 Poker Strategy, Poker News Lars Liedtke

Poker Hand of the Week – LLinusLLove’s Hero Call against Michael Addamo in a 281K pot

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

In our Hand of the Week the two high stakes heavyweights LLinusLLove and Michael “imluckbox” Addamo clash once again in the legendary NL$1,000/$2,000 high stakes cash game at GG Network.

The NL$1,000/$2,000 game features the best players in the world such as limitless, LLinusLLove, Timofey “Trueteller” Kuzentsov, Michael Addamo and Jason Koon and therefore also generates the most interesting hands.

In our Poker Hand of the Week two high stakes legends with LLinusLLove and Michael Addamo battle it out for a huge $281,294 pot.

LLinusLLove Linus Loeliger Poker

Poker Hand of the Week – Michael Addamo gets frisky against LLinusLLove in a $388,700 Pot

Linus and Michael are both regulars at the highest stakes and know the other’s game very well. The effective stack sizes are 95 big blinds and Michael Addamo has position on LLinusLLove.

Poker Hand of the Week Action

Preflop Action:

Michael Addamo raises from UTG+1 with A♦J♦ to $4,000 and LLinusLLove 3-bets from the small blind with A♣T♣ to $16,000. Addamo calls. Pot size: $40,200


The flop comes 7♠6♦2♥ rainbow, which benefits the preflop calling range of Addamo. However, Linus could have an overpair here after his 3-bet pre, so he makes a continuation bet of $16,080 into $40,200.

This board clearly favours Michael’s cold-calling range and he decides to float in position with Ace-high and a backdoor flush draw. Pot Size: $72,360


The 8♥ on the turn completes two straight draws with 10-9 and 5-4 and is another great card for the preflop caller. Linus consequently checks.

After his float on the flop, Addamo has to try to take the pot away on the turn and that’s what he does with a bet of 1/3 potsize.

LLinusLLove has picked up some equity though with the gutshot to the nut straight and sticks around.  Pot Size: $120,177 


The 10♥ on the river is a very interesting card as not only all the draws get there, but it also gives Loeliger top pair top kicker.

Michael Addamo still has only Ace-high and after Linus checks to him, his only chance to win the pot is to bet big. He chooses a sizing o