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Introduction and Rules of the latest online poker game variants

New online poker game variants are all the rage these days. You never know what’ll be the next big thing. Learning these early allows for a huge edge:

Not only do these new formats attract lots of fish, but the regulars likely aren’t that solid yet.

We’ve put together this article to highlight some of the most popular new formats and where you can play these games.

What are Knockout Bounty Tournaments?

Knockout Bounties play like normal MTTs except for one thing:You receive an additional amount for every player that you knock out of the tournament.

Part of your buy-in goes towards the prize pool, and the other rest goes towards a bounty on your head. Usual bounties range from 25%-50% of the buy-in total.

These tournaments attract a ton of recreational players, and things get real wild real quick. This is one of the most popular online poker game variants for MTTs today!

Which poker sites offer Knockout Bounty Tournaments?

ipoker partners 768x61

You can access Knockout Bounties through all of our partners on the iPoker.com network:

Party Partners

Our Partypoker partners offer Knockout Bounty tournaments. See below for more details:

888poker logo

Finally, don’t forget to check out 888Poker for more Knockout Bounty MTTs!

What are Fast Five Cash Games?

fast five online poker game variants

Fast Five Cash Games limit buy-ins to five big blinds: no more, no less.

This effectively means there is no such thing as post-flop play at the start – it’s just a constant battle of all-ins. It’s not uncommon to see four, five way all-ins and people quadrupling up within minutes of sitting down.

However, people inevitably build bigger stacks, and eventually there is post-flop play as people reach 20-30bb stacks or higher.

These are 6-max online poker game variants meant for people who love short stacking or enjoy the feeling of doubling up!

Which Poker Sites offer Fast Five cash games?

Party Partners

Partypoker offers fast five poker at $2.50, $5, $10 and $100 buy-ins. Sign up through Partypoker or Bwin Poker to get access to the awesome games.

sky_poker rakeback deal

You can also get in on the action through Sky Poker which is on its own independent network. These aren’t fast five, rather “Spin Up” tables allowing buy-ins between 3 and 10 bb.

What is Beat The Clock Poker?

Beat the Clock games are Tournaments that are guaranteed to end within 5 minutes. This is one of the popular new online poker game variants with people who don’t have much time to play. Pokerstars released this format late last year.

These are MTTs played using the Zoom format. This means every time you fold you instantly go to a new table, with new opponents (from the MTT pool) and a new hand. Zoom format allows you to get more hands in over 5 minutes.

There are 5 blind levels, each lasting 1 minute. In the most popular version, stacks are 5,000 chips and the 5th level is 500/1000 with 200 antes. People bust out quickly.

After 5 minutes, the tournament ends and the prize pool is divided according to how many chips you have. Your fractional share of the chips is equal to your fractional share of the prize pool.

What are Bubble Rush games?

Bubble rush games are meant to give the feeling of deep-stack tounament, in-the-money poker. To rush you into the money, Bubble Rush tournaments start quickly with blinds going up in a hyper-turbo format.  Generally, the money is reached within an hour.

The blinds then slow down from the hyper-turbo to regular tournament format. You get to enjoy the long, deep-stacked MTT poker familiar to those in the money.

This is one of the popular online poker game variants with players who love the drawn out battles of mid-late stage MTTs! Pokerstars released these games this last year.

What are Win the Button games?

Win the Button is an incredibly exciting format released by Pokerstars. This is one of those online poker game variants for people who love taking down pots.

Ordinarily, everyone wants to win the pot because of the money in it. This doesn’t change with “Win the Button”.

Only, these games have added value for winning. Not only do you win the pot, you also win position in the next hand. This greatly increases your profitability for the next hand. In a way, it produces a snowbally game – the people winning pots will have position more often, thus winning more pots!

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