August 5, 2022 Featured Articles, Poker News Lars Liedtke

Landon Tice willing to accept prop bet to live at Bally’s for a full year!

Landon Tice is seeking offers for a prop bet that will see him live inside Bally’s Las Vegas for a full year. The young American says he is seeking storylines for the poker community and isn’t concerned about giving up a big chunk of his youth.

Landon Tice Bets He Can Stay Inside Bally’s Las Vegas for a Full Year

So, how did this crazy idea come about?

Charlie Carrel posted a provocative tweet asking his followers if they should spend the next year of their life: A: becoming happy, peaceful, competent or B: making $10,000,000.

Matt Berkey and Patrick Leonard discussed the pros and cons then the latter enquired how much it would take to get Berkey to live in Bally’s for a full year.

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Berkey wanted a whopping $3 million which is obviously out of the question but then Leonard suggested putting Landon Tice in and making him document the entire experience.


Who Will Step Up and Offer the Prop Bet?

For those who don’t follow poker news that closely, Landon Tice faced humiliation last year when he took on a heads-up challenge prop bet against Bill Perkins with massively unfavourable terms and lost.

The youngster was forced to pull out in the early stages after performing not even close to the required win rate. Now it seems he is chasing more headlines to redeem himself.

To be fair, if Landon Tice does get an offer to stay in Bally’s for a full year it promises to be an interesting story for the poker community if vlogged regularly.

Tice hopes that Perkins gets the message and the pair can make a deal.

Some Twitter posters commented on how this can’t be a good idea for 23-year-old Tice at such as young age.

Others pointed out how a full year totally immersed in poker will do his career a world of good.

We could also see Tice set-up a private game where interested players can come and get a game with the man himself during the challenge. Getting this streamed would be awesome.

Let’s hope that Tice finds somebody to take him up on this offer because it might not be as easy as many think and we will certainly see some interesting vlogs along the way.