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Poker Pro Kevin Martin wins Big Brother Canada!

Biggest Cash ever

As mentioned in the introduction Kevin “KevinM987” has one of the most popular streams at Twitch Poker.

Lately, the Team PokerStars Pro has a real good run and made some nice scores. Just before Christmas he made himself the nicest present by winning the $22 Mini Sunday Million for $36,000:

This was Kevin’s biggest cash ever and the start of an unbelievable run. A deep run at the PokerStars Championship and some nice online cashes followed.

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Kevin joins Big Brother Canada…

After this online upswing, Kevin decided that it was time for a new challenge and Martin took a huge one straight away by moving into the Big Brother house:


“This time, I don’t care about TV time. I don’t care about being the charismatic guy. All I wanna do is play a good Big Brother game,” said Kevin before entering the house.

Kevin Maritin wins Big Brother CanadaKevin Martin after winning Big Brother Canada.

And he played very well as he reached the grand final, where he competed against Karen Singbeil for $100,000 in cash plus a $30,000 furnishing makeover from The Brick and a 2017 Toyota 86.

And ends up winning it for more than $130,000!

When the votes came in, Martin pulled the sensation by becoming the first poker player to win Big Brother:

Watch the Big Brother Grand Finale Recap here:

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