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Kahle Burns Suggests Nicknames Ali LIVESIMrovic and Jake SCHWINDLER for alleged RTA cheats Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler

Kahle Burns has entered the debate on whether or not Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler have been cheating by using RTA during online games by suggesting if they are guilty, they should have new nicknames…

“Ali LIVESIMrovic and Jake SCHWINDLER have a pretty good ring to it”

Burns’ tweets weigh in on this week’s huge story that saw Alex Foxen accuse Imsirovic of both live and online cheating, followed by Justin Bonomo claiming Imsirovic is only the second-biggest RTA offender after a player believed to be Jake Schindler.

Justin Bonomo says Ali Imsirovic is only the second biggest offender after "Ja"

Both are believed to have been part of a mass banning from GGPoker for various breaches of the site’s rules, including using Real-Time Assistance (RTA), chip-dumping, collusion, multi-accounting and ghosting.

Aussie highstakes pro Burns, who was famously involved in a disputed poker three-some with Foxen and his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Kristen Bicknell Foxen, explained some of the background to his own issues with Imsirovic and Schindler.

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Burns was apparently not alone in thinking something was amiss, tweeting: “I mentioned this to people at the time and I was not the only person who thought this. That being said I didn’t know if they maybe just studied really hard. I wasn’t doing that so it’s definitely possible they just worked hard and I was being paranoid. I couldn’t be sure.”

Claims of Real Time Assistance (RTA) use in poker have been rife since the ability to use solvers in real-time has become more viable and Burns explained why highstakes poker is just as likely to be affected:

“I remember thinking it’s probable they are both using RTA. In every sport where there is a lot of money, glory, fame whatever doesn’t matter. People will cross that unethical line to gain an advantage and it’s very naive to presume it’s not happening at the highest levels here.

Kahle Burns Suggests Nicknames for alleged RTA cheats Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler

Kahle Burns added: “My logic at the time. Even if they are guilty 80%, the 20% of the time they are hard workers I stain their reputation forever. Hard workers deserve the fruits of their labour. I’m usually not one for social media/beef so perhaps me and others, to the detriment of others, shutup.”

That led him to the opening tweets, where Burns states: “It’s obviously not 100% they are both guilty of X Y & Z atm. But the radio silence from them is deafening.

Neither Imsirovic nor Schindler have commented on the accusations, which have gone viral throughout the poker world, and nor have they apparently taken issue with the GGPoker ban.

According to some sources, Imsirovic had more than $1million confiscated when his account was closed by the online poker giant, yet failed to argue a case for its return.

Justin Bonomo has claimed that he lost $1million in the highstakes GGPoker games that he contested with the likes of Imsirovic and Schindler.

Burns feels action needs to be taken, tweeting: “This should all be looked into thoroughly and if found guilty further punishment should be handed out. That goes the same for others caught of similar.

He added an amusing final flourish: “On the note if they are guilty. Ali LIVESIMrovic and Jake SCHWINDLER have a pretty good ring to it.”

For those who missed the start of this week’s highstakes outings, Alex Foxen claimed he had had enough of staying quiet when he witnessed Imsirovic apparently rubbernecking Paul Phua in the recent Super high Roller Bowl…

What do you think? Was Imsirovic guilty of rubbernecking? Do you think poker needs a “blacklist” for cheats and other serial offenders? Let us know on our social media channels!

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