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Poker Hand of the Week – Jake Daniels bluffs Sam Soverel off Top Full House!

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

We saw an absolute insane hand on Poker After Dark, where Jake Daniels got Sam Soverel to lay down Top Full House with a stone cold bluff!

Poker After Dark “The Fantastic Five” Epsiode 2 featured Matt Berkey, Sam Soverel, James Romero, Jake Daniels and Lynne Ji, who we already know from High Stakes Poker Season 8.

They are playing 5-max $50/$100 No-Limit Hold’em with a $100 Ante and a $10,000 buy-in.

Sam Soverel and Jake Daniels are both poker pros and know each other from the tournament circuit so they have quite some history.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


Everybody folds to Jake Daniels in the Small Blind, who completes with A♥♦6 and Sam Soverel in the Big just checks with K♠J♦.  So both are underrepping their hand. Pot Size: $300


The 10♦K♥K♦10♣ flop is an absolute dream for Sam Soverel as he flops Trips with a good kicker. You love to see it when you flop a monster and your opponent donk bets into you as does Daniels here with a bet of $100.

Soverel doesn’t waste any time and makes it $300 to go.  Daniel calls. Pot Size: $900


The 10♣ makes Sam a Full House. But this time Jake checks and Soverel decides to check behind probably to induce another bet or bluff on the river. Pot Size: $900


10♠ on the river and now there is a Full House on board, but Sam Soverel has the higher Full House. However, Jake Daniel is the one, who grabs some chips and he makes a huge overbet by betting $4,000 into $900, which is nearly 4.5x pot!

Sam really does go into the tank and after only 15 seconds indeed folds his hand giving Jake Daniels credit for Quads, as this is the only hand that beats him!

Jake Daniels collects a nice $4,900 pot with absolutely nothing and a big smile.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

What an insane hand! Let’s take a closer look at it.

Preflop both players are trapping by just calling as they have very decent and way above average hands for a blind vs. blind situation.

On the flop Daniels takes a stab at the pot as Ace High is often the best hand on a paired board heads-up, means leading out here is reasonable. I also like that Soverel raises straight away instead of just calling, since Daniels is an aggressive player and a call is more suspicious than a raise on a paired board.

On the turn Jake understandably checks after having been raised on the flop and not having improved. Very interesting is the check behind by Sam, who has filled up and it looks like he is laying out the trap here.

However, on the river Jake Daniels surprisingly leads out with a massive overbet of 4.5x pot. This is exactly what he would do if he as a Ten for Quads.

But and that’s a huge but, a ten and a ten only beats him as he has Top Full House. In addition to that, the pot was very small until the river and although Daniel’s bet is very polarizing it is a pretty big mistake to fold here.

As mentioned above, only one single combination of all existing 1326 hand combinations in poker beat him, so he has 1325 of them beat, which means there is a pretty high chance that a loose-aggressive players like Jake Daniels is bluffing here.

The moral of the story: Don’t fold the second nuts against an aggressive opponent as it is clearly –EV in the long run.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:


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