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Inaugural Midway Poker Tour ends in a disaster due to shady payouts

Silver coins instead of cash at the Midway Poker Tour

The newly-launched Midway Poker Tour has become embroiled in a bizarre payout scandal at its very first tournament, players in the money being paid out mostly in over-valued silver coins.

Meanwhile, two of the men behind the MPT have been branded as ‘scammers’ by other poker players.

The OP in the 2plus2 thread relates how he made day 2 of the $1100 buy-in, $100k GTD tournament but upon arriving to play again was shocked to hear what was going on.

“I start hearing people in the hallway talk about how they’re going to pay people out in gold. I think it’s obviously ridiculous as it wasn’t mentioned anywhere, either when signing up or in the advertisements or on PokerNews, which is reporting on the event. Pokernews listed all the prizes as USD.”

The actual payout

“So I ended up busting pretty early on and got what they call a “$2,600 cash”. So they pay me out $1,600 in cash (in $20s for some reason), and give me 28 1oz silver coins, which they tell me is worth $1,000.”

It transpires that because of Illinois charity laws – the tournament run partly to help out 4K.I.D.S Sake Inc – only $600 above the buy-in amount can be paid in cash.

With officials from the state Attorney General’s office turning up to ensure compliance with this aspect, the organizers had paid out more than $200,000 to buy silver coins to cover the difference.

Inaugural Midway Poker Tour ends in a disaster due to shady payouts

That, however, led to claims that the buying and selling price of silver was seriously short-changing the players. The OP claimed he was shorted by $700, which is 30% of his win.

“I looked up the price of silver and it’s $24/oz. I assume I can sell these coins for around $25, which would be $700. So they’re stealing $300 from me, which isn’t the biggest deal but that means everybody is taking a big cut.”

Inaugural Midway Poker Tour ends in a disaster due to shady payouts

Chad Holloway was on hand to cover the inaugural event of the MPT for PokerNews and managed to provide readers with an insight into just how badly the tournament payout part of things was run.

The Midway Poker Tour organizer

This then led to several players on Twitter alleging that the main organizer, Daniel Bekavac, was well-known for previous shady behavior…

Daniel Bekavac poker

Highstakes pro Chris ‘BigHuni’Hunichen also passed on some anonymous inside knowledge of the men behind the new MPT…

Bekavac, as well as the bullion dealer who failed to turn up to buy the coins from players, and many others, were soon being named in the 2plus2 forum. Many insisted that the entire Midway Poker Tour setup was a scam from the word go.

Daniel Bekavac poker