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High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 17 Highlights – Ben Lamb Sends Daniel Negreanu Packing

The High Stakes Poker Season 10 Finale had a tragic ending for Daniel Negreanu as Ben Lamb stacked him and send him packing.

Line-up of High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 17:

They continue with the same line-up as in High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 16, which goes as follows:

  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Eric Persson
  • Ben Lamb
  • Charles Yu aka Charles from Hustler Casino Live
  • Bill Klein
  • Eric Hicks

Ben Lamb Stacks Daniel Negreanu: $285,000 Pot

There is a straddle and re-straddle to $1,600. Charles makes a loose UTG raise with 8♥5♥, Daniel flats from the Button with 109, before Ben Lamb 3-bets to $19,000 from the small blind with Q♥Q♦. Only Daniel calls. Pot Size: $45,200

Heads-up to an action flop of Q♠6♠9♥, which gives Ben Lamb Top Pair and DNegs, who has only $119K behind, middle pair plus flush draw.

Lamb bets $17,500, Negreanu shoves for $119,000 total and Ben snap-calls with the Nuts. Pot Size: $285,000

They Run It Twice:

  • 1st Runout: Brings a 10 and a 9 securing Ben the first half of the Pot.
  • 2nd Runout: Daniel needs a spade, but no help on the 7 turn and 4♥ river.

That’s it for Daniel, who leaves the table after this hand, while Ben Lamb wins a huge $285,000 Pot. 

High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 17 Highlights - Ben Lamb Sends Daniel Negreanu Packing

Charles Semi-Bluffs DNegs of A Chop: $191,900 Pot

Unfortunately for Daniel Negreanu, he was also on the losing end of the second biggest pot of High Stakes Poker Season 1o Episode 17.

The $800 straddle is on again and Stanley Choi makes it $4,000 to go from Under The Gun with J♦1o♦ and gets four callers. Two of them being DNegs with QJ and Charles with Q♥J♥. Pot Size: $16,400

4-way to a very interesting flop of 6♣9♣10♥, giving the preflop raiser Choi Top Pair, while both DNegs and Charles pick up an Open-Ended Straight Draw. Yu checks, but Daniel leads out for $5,000 and Stanley and Charles both just call. Pot Size: $31,400

The 5♥ on the turn is a very nice card for Charles, who now has a flush draw to go alongside his OESD. He checks and Negreanu now bets almost pot with his Open-Ender.  Stanley Choi folds his Top Pair, but Charles check-raises All-in for $130,000 with his combo draw. Pot Size: $191,900

DNegs has to call $100,000 to win $191,600. However, there are two flush draws out there, which means Negreanu can’t call here with his Straight Draw and gets blown off his hand due to a nice play by Charles, who wins a large $191,600 Pot with a great semi-bluff. 

High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 17 Highlights - Ben Lamb Sends Daniel Negreanu Packing (2)

That’s All Folks for High Stakes Poker Season 10

That’s all folks for High Stakes Poker Season 10, but you can be sure that one of the most popular poker TV shows will return.

However, PokerGo and the producers should definitely raise the stakes to at least $1,000/$2,000 and bring fan’s favourite’s Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey back in order to remain competitive and being able to compete with modern Cash Game formats such as the Million Dollar Game.

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