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$200/$400 Heads-Up Grudge Match Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk to kick off on November 1st

It all started 6 years ago…

It will be the poker event of the year! The eagerly-awaited $200/$400 Heads-Up Grudge Match between archrivals Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk finally has a starting date and will kick off on November 1st at WSOP.com.


Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk have a long and intense feud going all the way back to 2014, when Negreanu claimed on Twitter it would only take him two weeks to be able to beat Nl$25/$50 online:


Doug Polk replied on Twitter:

“I respect what you have done in your career, but it’s naive to think that you can just log onto PokerStars and beat $25/$50.”

“More rake is better”

That was the trigger of the argument, which peaked in 2016. At this time Negreanu was one of the biggest ambassadors of PokerStars and they abolished their Supernova Elite VIP status and made several changes, which severely cut player rewards and rakeback.

All hell broke loose, when Daniel said in an interview: “If the rake is too high, it’s actually better.”


From this day on, Doug Polk continuously made fun of DNegs in his YouTube videos and even printed shirts saying: “More rake is better.” But not only that, Polk even paid for a famous billboard next to the RIO saying “MoreRakeIsBetter.com”

It became such a meme that SrslySirius from 2+2 even made a hilarious video about it:

Finally the argument is settled at the poker table

After going back and forth for another four years, the two finally decided to settle the argument like adults at the poker table.

They will be playing 25,000 hands of $200/$400 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em with 100 Big Blinds. As soon as a player has less, the stack will be auto-rebought to 100 big blinds.

Heads-Up Match Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk to kick off on November 1st

In addition to that, we finally have a date! The Heads-Up Grudge Match between Daniel Negrenanu and Doug Polk will kick off on Sunday, the 1st of November at WSOP.com:

The most important features of the match

As mentioned they will be playing 25,000 hands. At halftime the player, who is behind, has two options:

  • The player, who is behind can end the match or
  • He can raise the stakes

Aim is to play 20 hours per week over 4 days. Every session should last at least two hours.

The use of poker tracking software and GTO solvers such as pioSOLVER is not allowed.

Daniel Negreanu refuses to show his hole cards

In addition to that, Daniel Negreanu won’t show his hole cards, while Doug Polk is planning to do so.

This is obviously not great for poker fans and railbirds as it would be way more interesting to see Daniel’s hole cards.

Watch the Heads-Up Match Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk live on VIP-Grinders.com

The Heads-Up Match Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk will be the poker event of the year and streamed live.

Commentary will be done by fellow poker pro and high stakes player Kane Kalas and we will broadcast the live stream of the Heads-Up Match on a daily basis on VIP-Grinders.com.

So make sure to check back frequently at VIP-Grinders.com from November 1st on to not miss out on the Heads-Up Match of the decade!

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