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Hand of the Week – Second nut flush on a paired board in PLO

We proudly present the very first VIP-Grinders.com Hand of the Week! From now on our Coach “TribunCaesar” will analyze once a week a very interesting hand in a video and gives an insight, why and how to play in certain spots.

About TribunCaesar, producer of the Hand of the Week

Tribun Caesar started playing No-Limit Hold’em in 2007. He quickly moved up the limits until NL 1.000-2.000 and became a poker coach afterwards.

Later in his poker careeer he developed a love for Pot-Limit Omaha, which is now his main game. In the last years he mainly played PLO $5/$10 HU and 6-max as well as NL HU $5/$10.

Hand of the Week by TribunCaesarFrom now on our coach TribunCaesar will analyze the Hand of the Week every Friday!

TribunCaesar is a well-known name in the European poker community.

He has coached around 200 players over the years and is also a member of our coaching team.

In addition to that, he will be streaming live PLO 100 – PLO 1.000 on our new VIP-Grinders Twitch channel on a regular basis.

That being said, he is very experienced when it comes to coaching, explaining his thoughts, and choose the spots, where you can learn a lot.

Watch the Hand of the Week Videos every Friday here

TribunCaesar will present the Hand of the Week video every Friday on VIP-Grinders.com in form of a video.

He uses the hand replayer of Hold’em manager 2 and will go step by step through his thought process and decisions on every street.

Aim of our Hand of the Week is to provide a free and professional hand analysis made by one of our coaches, to help our members improve their game.

Watch the very first Hand of the Week here:

Please feel free to ask questions, discuss or let us know, what you think about the hand in the comments.

In addition to that, you can also send us your own hand histories in case you have a very interesting hand, which you would like to have analyzed.

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