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Great News: Brad Booth Is Alive and Well!

Canadian poker pro Brad Booth has been found alive and well following his disappearance two months ago.

The high stakes grinder is well-known from his days as a Full Tilt Red Pro and is considered a TwoPlusTwo forum legend and one of the toughest opponents to be found playing high stakes cash in US poker rooms.

Brad Booth

Brad Booth Taking Time to Reflect

It is great news that this story didn’t end in tragedy. The entirety of 2020 has been a testing time for everybody in the world and we have seen many people pushed right to the edge.

Freelance journalist Jenifer Newell, who originally reported Booth missing, wrote that he was simply taking some time alone.

Passing on a message from Booth’s family stating,

“Effective today, September 16th, we have confirmation that Brad is alive and well, but has been taking some time to himself as anticipated and hoped by many,”

“Again, we cannot thank you enough for your support and well wishes in locating him. Please note – we do not have any further information at this time.”

Brad Booth

Brad Booth Did it His Way

Brad Booth is known for going his own way. He has courted controversy, ended up in serious debt, and even fallen victim to the infamous superuser scandal on Ultimate Bet over a decade ago. But he always comes back.

Aftera few needless jibes at his character on the TwoPlusTwo forum one poster listed a few reasons why Booth is a guy that should be celebrated. One of the game’s real characters who has pulled off feats that most of us would be jealous of.

– Bluffed Phil Ivey off Kings in a 4 bet pot with a $300k raise

– Lived in the Bellagio for 18 months

– Measures poker swings in Ferraris

– Was brutalised by UB superusers yet still came back afterwards

– Owned Ike Haxton deep in a WPT with 84o

This impressive list is missing Booth’s Claim to have played poker every single day for 14 years!

The Ultimate Bet scandal cost Booth at least $2 million with no compensation forthcoming once the story became public. For most people this couldn’t get much worse but it all happened in the middle of a downswing that lasted three years totaling $4.2 million.

You have to admire the man’s character to recover from a setback such as this.

Here is a classic moment in poker history when he owned the greatest player of all time.

Brad Booth – When Life Goes Wrong

Life has never run smoothly for Brad Booth. This might sound obvious when considering the character type and occupation of the man, but some calamities were definitely avoidable.

Running up huge debts is almost a rite of passage for an aspiring world class professional, given what we know about some of the real degenerates at the top of the game. Booth is no different.

Doug Polk famously outed Booth as welching on a $28,000 loan repayment, claiming he left the country and changed his phone number. Booth’s debts apparently were well into seven figures in total.

Following the story breaking of Booth’s disappearance there was table chat in a Las Vegas private game about him being murdered, possibly over a bad debt.

While the story might not have a sad ending yet, hopefully Booth will see enough reason to change his lifestyle if his money management has gone off the rails.

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