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Poker Hand of the Week – Fedor Holz cracks Mikita Badziakouski’s Top Set in a $338,481 Pot

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

We have a very interesting Poker Hand of the Week from the legendary NL$1,000/$2,000 high stakes game at GGNetwork between the two poker wizards Fedor Holz and Mikita Badziakouski, which results in a massive $338,481 Pot.

We are once again at the GG NL$500/$1,000 6-max tables with a very interesting lineup including LLinusLLove, limitless, Matt “cantbreathe” Kirk, David Peters. Fedor Holz and Mikita Badziakouski.

Both players are on a draw and make their hand on the river, let’s see how they play it.

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The effective stack sizes being at the start of the hand are 81 big blinds and Fedor has Mikita covered.

Poker Hand of the Week Action

Preflop Action:

Mikita opens UTG with K♣K♠7♥ to $4,500 and gets three callers with Fedor Holz holding 8♦7♦, LLinusLLove and Matt Kirk. Pot size: $19,200


The 6♦K♦Q♠ flop is an interesting one as Badziakouski flops top set and Fedor a flush draw with backdoor straight draw.

Mikita chooses a small sizing of 1/4 pot, Fedor calls and the other two players fold. Pot Size: $34,200


The 5♣ on the turn is a really exciting card as Fedor picks up and Open-Ended Straight Draw to go along with his flush draw. However, as Mikita has Top Set we need to deduct 3 of the 17 out resulting in 14 outs for Fedor.

A look at the exact odds shows that fish2013 is still a 70,45% favourite to win the hand before the river. He bets half pot with $17.100 into $34,200 after being checked to.

Fedor now makes a large check-raise of almost 5x to $82,600, which is music to Mikita’s ears as he has the nuts. Therefore Badziakouski decides to just call. Pot size: $199,400


The 9♠ river is  a dream card for Holz as he makes the runner-runner straight and a real nightmare for Badziakouski.

Fedor shoves and Mikita snap-calls all-in to see the bad news and a huge $338,481 pot is being pushed to Fedor.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

What a great hand of poker and well played by both with Fedor having Lady Luck on his side. Let’s go through the hand one more time.

Preflop is standard and there is not much to say. Same goes for the flop as Fedor has to call with his flush draw. The only thing is that I would have chosen a bigger sizing in Mikita’s place as 1/4 pot is very small and the board is drawheavy. You have to protect against draws as you are up against three opponents and build the pot to be able to get it in on the turn. That’s why I would have preferred a continuation bet of half pot here.

The turn is a super interesting card as Fedor now has a lot of outs by adding an OESD to go alongside his flush draw. However, as Mikita has top set 3 of the 17 outs need to be deducted bringing the number down to 14 outs, which equals 29.55% to win the hand.

After Badziakouski bets half pot, Fedor decides to play his strong combo draw aggressively by making a large check-raise. I like this play as it looks very strong and it might wins you the hand right here and even if not, then you still have outs.

In this case Mikita has the nuts and is obviously not folding the nuts. He has two options just call and let Holz continue bluffing in case he has air or just get it in now. Personally, I would prefer a shove here as Fedor has less than half pot behind and is basically committed. However, by doing so you fold out all his bluffs, so just calling is fine as well.

The river does bring the backdoor straight, which on top is well disguised, so Fedor only has one play and the hand plays itself from here as Fedor only has one play, which is all-in, and Mikita can’t fold. Very unlucky runout for Badziakouski!

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week from 42:00 on here:

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