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Fedor Holz Takes Limitless up on His Offer to Play Him Drunk “Before Stefan11222 takes all your money”

Fedor Holz takes Limitless at his word to play him drunk whenever he wants

Fedor Holz has taken Wiktor ‘limitless’ Malinowski up on his offer to play a heads-up match against him while drunk. Holz needled Malinowski on Twitter for loosing $570,070 to Stefan ‘Stefan11222’ Burakov within the first week of their heads-up challenge. Limitless accepted straight away, so the Fedor Holz vs. Limitless heads-up match is confirmed now!

Is Fedor Holz Playing with Fire?

There is no doubt that Fedor Holz is one of the best poker players in the world today. But it’s also a fact that tournament specialists can’t necessarily transfer those skills into a cash game to the same degree.

We have just seen this dynamic play out in the High Stakes Feud between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk. Although Negreanu did put in a sterling performance it was still clear that Polk was a level above.

Fedor Holz is potentially setting himself up for a fall here, by offering to play a man who is considered at least top three in the world for NL cash game play.

Limitless vs. Fedor Holz Heads-Up Match confirmed!

This is going to be a hugely popular match. The question is—is this the strongest possible match pairing possible today?

There are many people who consider Fedor Holz to be the best NL hold’em tournament player in the world, even in semi-retirement. And we have already said that ‘limitless’ at least top three for NL cash.

Fedor Holz Takes Limitless up on His Offer to Play Him Drunk "Before Stefan11222 takes all your money"

There will be a lot of ego at play here, similar to the High Stakes Feud. There is no way ‘limitless’ would be able to stomach a loss to a “donkament” player on his home turf.

We await news of what the terms will be exactly when the two are ready to get it on. Only recently ‘limitless’ offered to add another 20,000 hands to his match against Stefan Burakov as well as raising the stakes from $50/$100 NL, so it could get real expensive for either him or Holz.

Will Fedor Holz Insist on the promised Drinks?

While the match itself will be taken seriously, we can’t help but think about how ‘limitless’ goaded Holz by saying he could beat him while drunk.

Maybe Fedor wants to keep it all fun and will insist that his cheeky opponent sticks to his word and gets hammered during play.

Fedor Holz is no mug and with more than $32 million in live tournament winnings we can be sure that he is shrewd and will look for any edge he can—even in what might turn out to be a bizarre challenge match. “Zoom and drinks” he tweeted.

Limitless responds: “Hey Fedor, I’m sitting waiting for you everyday”

It didn’t take Limitless long to respond:

Fedor Holz on Twitter: “We two are on”

Only a couple of hours later, Fedor Holz wrote in the comments of the above Tweet: “We two are on”, which means the Limitless vs. Fedor Holz heads-up challenge is confirmed now!

Make sure to check back frequently in our poker news section as we will be publishing updates as soon as the details and terms of the heads-up match have been announced. In addition to that, we will be posting updates after every session.

Get your popcorn ready guys, this is going to be a good one!

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