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Dublin Poker Festival 2018 Sponsorship Review

About the Dublin Poker Festival

The Dublin Poker Festival is already in its fifth year and since that has made a name for itself in the European live poker scene.

Dublin Poker Festival 2018

The low buy-in festival includes a staggering 30 events with bus-ins ranging from only €10 up to €1,000 for the High Roller.

Highlights are the €570 European Deepstack Main Event as well as the €230 Amateur Championship of Poker (ACOP).

About our sponsored player

Daniel Stanton plays poker since 2005 and is well-known in the poker community having worked in the Online Gaming Industry since 2006.

He was Poker Manager of Coral Poker and now owns a Social Media Management company.

Dublin Poker Festival 2018 Poker Sponsorship Review

Dan’s main game are mid stakes MTTs on iPoker, Partypoker and Microgaming (MPN). He is mainly an online player, but wants to make the transition to live tournaments this year.

So he decided to travel with a friend of him to the Dublin Poker Festival, which took place in the Bonnington Hotel from January 26th – February 4th.

Dan managed to make the Final Table, did a nice Vlog and wrote a short review about the Dublin Poker Festival. Watch his Vlog and read the review below!

Read Dan’s Review of the Dublin Poker Festival below:

“Dublin Poker festival is probably one of the funniest and most enjoyable poker festivals in Ireland. I first played this event in 2017.


This year I decided I would play the €570 European Deepstack as it has a fantastic atmosphere and due to the fact that the Amateur Championship of Poker (ACOP) is right before a pretty soft field with players from all over Europe looking for a good time.


The festival didn’t disappoint, I arrived Wednesday afternoon and immediately jumped in a cash game. I was looking to play some €2/€5 NLH but being earlier in the afternoon they only had 6 tables running 3 tables of €1/€2 Dealers Choice and 2 tables of €1/€2 PLO and 1 table of €1/€2 NLH.


The next day was the Main Event and I was seated to the left of Patrick Clarke “Clicki” Clarke, who won the PaddyPower Irish Open 2014 for $276,671 and finished 4th at EPT Dublin 2016 for another $ 217,905.


Day 1 was some standard deep stack play, picking spots and being as patient as you can when you start the day on 1,000 BBs. At the end of the day I won a big pot, which got me into day 2 and 60bbs to play with!


Day 2 was very much more of the same, half the field eliminated in Day 1 we were playing down to the bubble and 39 would come back for day 3.

Dan makes the Final Table!


After running with AdKd on Ah2d2s2d into Pocket Aces and doubling up a player I grinded back up to average and managed to chips make the money and Day 3, which started with 39 runners and we played down to the final table.


The grind was real and after losing 3 to 4 more hands on the bounce we found our self in a situation with 15 players remaining we were 13th in chips.

Dublin Poker Festival 2018 Final Table After losing a big pot with set over set I I nursed the short stack into Day 4 and started the final table as the short stack with 10 BB.


Managed to ladder two spots and with 6 players left I still had 10 BB.  I woke up with A6s in the BB the big stack limped and I jammed just to get snapped of by Pocket Jacks – couldn’t find an ace and got sent to the rail in 6th place for €7,700/$9,500.


All in all it was a great trip, love playing in Ireland and will 80% return in March for the Main Event of the Irish Poker Open 2018, which has a Guarantee of 1 Million Euro.”

Watch his Vlog about the Irish Poker Festival here:

Congratulations from all of us at VIP-Grinders on making the Final Table. Well played!

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