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Doug Polk vs Luke Schwartz: “I crushed you and you quit”

The story which lead to the argument

Doug “WGC” Rider Polk and Bad Boy Luke “lb6121” Schwartz (also known as “__FullFlush1__”) are both famous online players.

Doug Polk vs Luke Schwartz

And also they never meet each other in person, they just can’t stand each other. Since quite a while they are firing shots and make fun of each other.

Both accuse each other of cheating

While Doug claims to have beaten Luke for a lot of money at the Mixed and 2-7 Triple Draw tables, Luke accuses him of having been ghosted by, or multi-accounting with Jake “JLlama” Abdalla.

In addition to that, Schwartz claims that Polk can’t beat the high stakes and win online anymore and that he now sells “his scam” as Upswing Poker as well as in Youtube Videos.

“He is clueless in all the fucking games except for No-Limit. I beat him at Triple Draw for $60k and halfway through the session this cunt says: “A this is not you on your account, this is Isildur, try to discredit my name, try to fuck me. Fuck this guy, do you know what, when he beat me at $400/$800 Mixed Games that was not him, that was his Pigeon friend “JLlama”.”

Watch all of Luke’s accusations regarding Doug Polk here:

And challenges him to a Heads-Up Duel

At the PSC Monte Carlo Schwartz gave another interview, where he made fun of Polk and even challenged him to a Heads-Up Duel:

Doug Polk wins the High Roller for One Drop…

Unfortunately for Schwartz, Polk let the cards speak and gave the answer at the poker tables by winning his third Bracelet in the $111,111 High Roller for One Drop for an unbelievable $3,686,865.

The One Drop is one of the most prestigious tournaments to win at the WSOP as it is, due to the high buy-in, full with the best live tournament players in the world.

And then fires back…

Confronted with Luke’s allegations from Monte Carlo, Doug answered:


“I was a little surprised to see Luke not here for the One Drop or the $300k Super High Roller Bowl. You would think if you beasting everything that would be a very good spot for you. I saw him playing some small stakes online, I been there J Luke and I battled I beat him for a bunch of money and then he quit me. Now, a year and a half later he’s coming out of the shadows to get some attention. We both remember, I crushed you and you quit.”

Watch the Answers of Doug Polk here:

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