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Doug Polk calls JNandez87 a backstabber – Gets blocked by Daniel Negreanu on Twitter

JNandez87 left Upswing Poker

Popular Twitch streamer Fernando „JNandez87“ Habegger used to be the PLO coach at Doug Polk’s site Upswing Poker.


In the beginning of the year, JNandez decided to leave Upswing after a only a couple of months, which left Upswing without a PLO coach and Polk furious.

In a fierce threat on 2+2, which was later deleted by owner Mason Malmuth Polk claimed that: “JNandez plans to steal our customers and use that to begin his own site.”


“JNandez decided to backstab us and our members”

Since that Doug has nothing good to say about Fernando, but just when it seemed that things have cooled down, Habegger added some fuel to the flames.

He replied on one of his Twitch streams to the question: “Did Doug Polk call you JScamdez? ironically with “No idea, Who is DP? That crypto guy?”



This was enough to trigger Polk and he gave free reins to his anger on Reddit:

Doug Polk Reddit Post on JNandez87 leaving Upswing Poker

More Rake is better 🙂

It’s no secret that Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk are not the best friends. Several times they have clashed in the past.

They had a heavy argument about PokerStars and their rake increases. Back then Negreanu defended the rake increase and made his famous statement: “More rake is better”.

That was a real gift for Youtuber Polk, who began to fire shots and make fun of Daniel on his and Joey Ingram’s Youtube channel:

Daniel Negreanu blocks Doug Polk on Twitter

Polk called Negreanu: is “A massive hypocrite and an embarrassment to players and the game of poker.”

A couple of disputes followed and now it happened: Daniel Negreanu blocked Doug Polk on Youtube!

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