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Doug Polk Says There Won’t Be a High Stakes Feud Rematch Due to Being Burned Out

Doug Polk Burned Out

Doug Polk has informed the poker community that there is no chance of a High Stakes Feud rematch. Doug sounds like he is mentally shredded from the intense challenge and all the drama Daniel Negreanu is currently giving him.


The High Stakes Feud is becoming more intense as we approach the finish line. With just a few thousands hand remaining Daniel Negreanu is pushing Polk hard and clearly has no intention of giving up.

Seemingly without prompting, Polk announced on Twitter that he is “way too burned out from all of the study/prep/play” and will not consider a rematch under any circumstances.

Understanding that many will call him a coward, Polk was quick to say that he still has an edge over Negreanu, adding, begrudgingly, that it’s much lower than it was at the start of the match.

Doug Polk Not Interested in Taking on Other Challengers

The poker community would love to see Polk take on other challengers too, but sadly it looks like that won’t happen any time soon.

Polk says it isn’t worth the stress over something that he doesn’t even enjoy doing.

It would have been great poker TV to see Doug Polk up against Dan Bilzerian or Bill Perkins for huge sums.

One interesting scenario that came up was the possibility of Daniel Negreanu taking on another challenger and Polk coaching them.

Doug Polk won’t work with Phil Hellmuth

That would certainly be interesting and keep the dynamic going that the High Stakes Feud came about because of how much the participants dislike each other.

Doug Polk Says There Won't Be a High Stakes Feud Rematch Due to Being Burned Out

Amusingly, Doug Polk did point out that he wouldn’t be able to work with some people:

“There are some people I dont think it would work though (Imagine trying to explain to Hellmuth he was wrong in a hand. Good luck with that)”

High Stakes Feud Results so far

SessionResultOverallHands SessionTotal Hands
1Daniel +$116,500Daniel +$116,500200200
2Doug +$218,292Doug +$101,792424624
3Doug +$166,239Doug +$268,0313821006
4Daniel +$87,166Doug +$180,8653661372
5Daniel +$206,994Daniel +$25,9163651737
6Doug +$93,542Doug +$67,6256372374
7Daniel +$222,832Daniel +$155,2065912965
8Daniel +$24,156Daniel +$179,3634573422
9Doug +$205,521.74Doug +$26,371.783773799
10Doug +$120,023Doug +$264,0193865067
11Doug +$117,624.38Doug +$143,9968524651
12Doug +$332,178Doug +$596,1976845751
13Daniel +$17,780Doug +$578,4174766227
14Daniel +$13,000Doug +$565,4177887015
15Daniel +$46,581.88Doug +$514,4174527469
16Doug +$160,348.99Doug +$674,4178247921
17Doug +$101,713Doug +$784,5606628800
18Doug +$175,000Doug +$957,9327008500
19Daniel +$143,642Doug +$814,29083410784
20Daniel +$120,000Doug +$694,290600