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Doug Polk threatens to call off Heads-Up Match vs. Daniel Negreanu

Doug Polk unhappy with Daniel Negreanu’s behavior

Doug Polk threatened to pull out of his upcoming grudge match with Daniel Negreanu if his opponent doesn’t agree to follow the WSOP.com rules, describing working with Negreanu as a “nightmare”.

Doug Polk threatens to call off Heads-Up Match vs. Daniel Negreanu

As we revealed last week, the duelling pair had finally agreed to most of the terms of a 25k hands HeadsUp No Limit battle at stakes of $200/$400.

However, no sooner had they agreed to kick this off on November 1st – much to the delight of fans looking forward to them settling their long-standing grudge – then the arguments began again.

Polk’s argument that he should be allowed to use pre-flop charts came as a shock to most. The idea that the former ‘best HUNL player in the world’ needs a cheat sheet to play met with derision.

Doug Polk threatens to call off Heads-Up Match vs. Daniel Negreanu

Polk’s tirade

This started Polk on a Twitter tirade against Negreanu, complaining the KidPoker was running the rules show.

Doug Polk stated: “Btw part of why the negotiation process for this challenge looks so petty is that instead of just hammering all this stuff out privately and setting a date, I have to just wait for him to tweet out the new rules that he didn’t consult me on.”

Negreanu, who might have been expected to be the touchy one during the build-up to the match, eventually responded with a very clear 3-part breakdown of why Polk’s whingeing is misplaced.

  1. “You are a 6-1 favorite in the betting markets yet you feel the need to use a cheat sheet? I won’t be using a cheat sheet, why should you? You challenged ME to a match I agreed to YOUR game, on YOUR approved platform, and YOUR format.
  1. “I agreed to a start date of Nov 1st giving me just weeks to prepare after WSOP. I’m giving you a massively +EV opportunity, but you need a cheat sheet too? I could just say let’s play it all live. That way you can’t use your cheat sheets.
  1. “You act like you are getting screwed here when the table is set heavily in your favor across the board. You wouldn’t even agree to $100k freezeouts or any other format than the one format that benefits YOU most.

There are those who feel that Negreanu is on a freeroll, getting his excuses in early for when he loses and walking away as Polk’s conqueror if he wins…

Doug Polk has been hard at work preparing for the ‘Grudge match for Rollz.’ He has taken on both Phil Nagy, as well as former November Niner Thomas Cannuli. You can catch up with those battles here.

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A possible live event?

Back in the Twitter debate, Polk was trying to get the public onside and get Negreanu to show his cards. He tweeted: “How about we make a deal. 1) No charts allowed of any kind 2) We show all of our hole cards to the fans for the entire challenge. We both give a little, the fans win. Retweet if you want to see this.”

Negreanu wasn’t impressed, replying: “You challenged me. You are a 6-1 favorite without seeing hole cards, and even bigger with. Once again, because it seems I’m the only want trying to actually make this happen, I’m willing to show a small portion of this @pokergo with hole cards.”

There were even calls for the pair to battle live, like Phil Hellmuth and Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari have been doing recently…

Doug Polk threatens to call off Heads-Up Match vs. Daniel Negreanu

Eventually, despite all his protests about DNegs choosing the rules and giving him the runaround, when Negreanu finally put his money where his mouth is, Polk had no choice but to follow suit…

Disaster for the fans averted for now, although it’s almost a certainty that it’s not the last threat to quit before the pair eventually get down to playing some cards.