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Daniel Negreanu Bets $1,000,000 that He Ran Worse than Doug Polk in High Stakes Feud!

Daniel Negreanu Moaning About Running Bad

Daniel Negreanu has offered an outrageous $1 million bet that he ran worse than Doug Polk during the first half of their High Stakes Feud heads.up challenge. 


Daniel Negreanu claims he has been running bad during his heads-up match against Doug Polk. The Canadian high stakes star released a video grumbling about just how bad his luck is recently.

Unfortunately, unless they both release the hand histories we will never know for sure. But could Negreanu’s bet of $1 million give Polk enough motivation to publish his hand histories?

Negreanu suggests that Polk is taking it personally that his claims of being unlucky mean he thinks Polk is not a good player. This is untrue, he says.

Doug Polk Counter Claims Negreanu Is on a Top 10% Run

We all know how sensitive Doug Polk can be but listening to Negreanu moan about his luck is clearly getting to him.

He told Negreanu that his recent run of good results is a top 10% run. Clearly needling the Canadian, telling him that he’s not good enough to make a comeback.

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk downplay their chances before eagerly-awaited NL $200/$400 Heads-Up Match

Daniel Negreanu said: 

“He’s referencing the fact I didn’t get stacked for 2,000 hands or something like that.”


Daniel Negreanu Bets $1 Million He’s Running Worse than Polk

During his video Negreanu was clearly getting emotional over how bad he’s been running.

He lists several areas that can be checked, if Polk releases his hand histories, and he offers $1 million to anybody willing to take the bet.

“If there are any other metrics of luck that people want to add to this list to make a $1 million bet, I could use the money because I’m stuck $700K right now!”


Okay, at this point we can believe that at least Negreanu is sure of what he is saying. The question is, with him taking such a spanking right now, are his results so bad that he’s still clearly being outperformed?

We really hope that Polk takes the bait here so we can see a proper breakdown of how two world-class players battle with each other.

Negreanu vs. Polk High Stakes Feud Results so far

SessionResultOverallHandsOverall Hands
1Daniel +$116,500Daniel +$116,500200200
2Doug +$218,292Doug +$101,792424624
3Doug +$166,239Doug +$268,0313821006
4Daniel +$87,166Doug +$180,8653661372
5Daniel +$206,994Daniel +$25,9163651737
6Doug +$93,542Doug +$67,6256372374
7Daniel +$222,832Daniel +$155,2065912965
8Daniel +$24,156Daniel +$179,3634573422
9Doug +$205,521.74Doug +$26,371.783773799
10Doug +$120,023Doug +$264,0193865067
11Doug +$117,624.38Doug +$143,9968524651
12Doug +$332,178Doug +$596,1976845751
13Daniel +$17,780Doug +$578,4174766227
14Daniel +$13,000Doug +$565,4177887015
15Daniel +$46,581.88Doug +$514,4174527469
16Doug +$160,348.99Doug +$674,4178247921
17Doug +$101,713Doug +$784,5606628800
18Doug +$175,000Doug +$957,9327008500
19Daniel +$143,642Doug +$814,29083410784
20Daniel +$120,000Doug +$694,29060011317
21Doug +$114,140Doug +$810,46890412221
22Daniel +$35,000Doug +$775,46827912500
23Daniel +$27,000Doug +$743,24865013050
24Daniel +$98,579Doug +$644,66870013750
25Daniel +$27,945Doug +$616,72275014750
26Daniel +$130,000Doug +$486,72260015350
27Doug +$120,000Doug +$603,68360015850
28Doug +$26,198Doug +$629,88265016500
29Doug +$73,000Doug +$702,82250017000

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