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Find out what are the cheapest things poker players have ever done

Melissa Burr finds out about the cheapest things poker players have done on Twitter

Most people don’t like to waste money. However, poker pros took it to the next level. Find out more about the cheapest things poker players have ever done. 

Find out what are the cheapest things poker players have ever done

A highly entertaining discussion about the cheapest things poker players have ever done broke out a couple of days ago. Melissa Burr started the topic and multiple poker pros responded right away and shared their stories.

Patrick Leonard was the first pro to share a nice anecdote about a fellow poker player.

Grinding high stakes at the casino can be expensive so it’s apparently not a bad choice to walk to the casino instead of taking the cab.

Free dinner anyone?

Even though it’s incredibly hot during the WSOP season, there was another reason for the person that decided to walk: taxis in Vegas used to be very unreliable and Patrick Leonard himself remembers waiting 90 mins or more for a taxi back then.

Scott Seiver also stepped in and shared a “high-value” story. A certain player used to abuse the free food offer at the Aria casino until they actually had to cancel the free food offer for everybody.

A Twitter user stepped up and claimed that the person was Jeff Maden, however, it was not officially confirmed.

Max Silver was one of the persons to share a story of himself. One of the cheapest things he did was making members of his stable actually tip out of their own pocket. However, he considers himself a bad person in hindsight.

Nevertheless, his wife, Lisa Silver, shared another funny story about him.

Silver has apparently spent some extra time driving two a specific story just to save a single buck. Apparently making his live cash game horses tip themselves was not the only cheap thing he has done in the most recent past.

Saving hotel costs

To avoid spending a lot of money on hotels, some players decided to go with way cheaper alternatives.

Spending the night in a hostel is definitely a decent way to save some money. However, there was another famous poker player who chose an even cheaper option.

Mike McDonald shared another interesting way to cut costs.

Spending a night in the sauna can apparently save you $80 which also doesn’t sound too bad.

In the end, it was Melissa Burr herself to remind us of the cheapest thing a poker player has ever done though.

Even a bracelet winner has to take care of his money it seems…

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