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Charlie Carrel is about to sue Doug Polk for defamation

Update on the Doug Polk vs. Charlie Carrel Beef

What started out as a typical “keyboard warrior” fight on Twitter may very well continue in a courthouse.

Doug Polk got word of Charlie Carrel’s intention of suing him for defamation so he made a tongue-in-cheek tweet linking to the very video that upset Carrel so much.

It is unknown who gave Polk a heads-up about the upcoming lawsuit. However, there’s bound to be some validity to it since Charlie Carrel responded to the mocking tweet, saying:

In that message, he does anything but denies his intention to take Doug Polk to court for his words.

If he does so, he’ll have a tough time winning a defamation case in the United States, where the defendant Doug Polk resides.

The US has famously strict defamation laws on the books because of the First Amendment of their Constitution which guarantees free speech to the citizens. In order for Carrel to win, he would have to prove that Doug Polk knowingly and maliciously or neglectfully made false statements about him, and those statements caused him financial damage.

Despite the legal threat, Polk doesn’t seem to be all that worried. He still hasn’t pulled the problematic video about Carrel off of his YouTube channel.

Rather he tweeted out a fake legal document making fun of his new nemesis, Charlie Carrel.

The History of Doug Polk vs. Charlie Carrel

The two high stakes poker pros first clashed on Twitter in April this year. Back then Charlie Carrel made an odd statement saying “the best way to prevent child molestation is to have more empathy and love for child molesters”.

Polk called him out for it, in turn Carrel made a response video with the title “Beef with Doug Polk. Be kind dude.”

Then, things settled for a while in the Doug Polk vs. Charlie Carrel saga. Until August 4th, when Polk uploaded a video that seemed like a regular hand breakdown to his popular YouTube channel.

However, it was essentially a roast of Charlie Carrel. In the video, Polk criticized Carrel for a vast number of alleged wrongdoings.

He claims Carrel is a hypocrite for supposedly spreading positivity and understanding to everyone yet he’s being aggressive to him online. He also implies that Carrel is pretentious for posting videos with titles such as “What it’s like to be a young millionaire”.

Furthermore, Polk accuses Carrel of engaging in some shady behavior while looking for investors for his ambiguous company Abundance and calls him out for his failed bankroll challenge.

That video is what prompted Charlie Carrel’s possible defamation suit against him.

Doug Polk’s Long List of Poker Foes

“WCGRider” Polk is not afraid to get into some arguments on the internet.


Because of his proclivity of doing so, some labeled him as “internet troll” who goes after other famous people for views and attention.

No matter what his motive is, it is a fact that he’s been in internet fights with a vast number of poker players.

His list includes Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, Alec Torelli, Luke Schwartz, and now Charlie Carrel too.

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