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Chance Kornuth Quits the Galfond Challenge After Being Down $727K

Phil Galfond Wins Third Galfond Challenge

Chance Kornuth has quit his Galfond Challenge match after losing almost three quarters of a million dollars. The American was holding his own until a couple of weeks before Christmas and then it all went wrong.


Chance Kornuth’s resignation marks Phil Galfond’s third Galfond Challenge match victory in a row. The PLO superstar already seized victory against VeniVidi1993 right at the end and swept aside Actionfreak.

A mini-match win against Dan Jungleman Cates and a $90k lead against Bill Perkins on top should leave future challengers quaking in their boots.

The Galfond Challenge vs. Chance Kornuth match up was planned to be a 35,000 hand battle but ended slightly past the 25,000 hand mark.

When Kornuth threw in the towel he was sitting $726,500 behind. Considering he was only trailing by $23,000 on December 10, 2020 it was quite a streak by Galfond.

Chance Kornuth Better than the Result Shows

Being close to three quarters of a million dollars down makes the result look like a thrashing. This is far from the truth.

Chance Kornuth Poker

One Twitter poster pointed out:

“Unfortunate the majority of the public is only going to see the result and think Phil smashed him. As someone who followed this day in day out Chance played world class poker. Was far more competitive than the final. Not looking forward to seeing Chance in the 4 card streets.”


The $250,000 side bet leaves Phil Galfond almost $1 million richer after this four-month battle. This should properly cement his bankroll for the toughest of his upcoming matches.

There will be no real monetary concerns over huge downswings leaving him full focussed on playing his best.

Final Galfond Challenge vs. Chance Kornuth Results

SessionResultOverallHandsOverall Hands
1Kornuth +$33,500Kornuth +$33,500605605
2Galfond +$45,000Galfond +$11,5005811186
3Galfond +$67,000Galfond +$78,5006361822
4Kornuth +$20,000Galfond +$58,5005612383
5Galfond +$43,500Galfond +$102,0005712954
6Kornuth +$70,000Galfond +$72,0005783532
7Galfond +$117,000Galfond +$149,0005434075
8Galfond +$28,000Galfond +$177,0005304605
9Galfond +$103,000Galfond +$280,0001964801
10Kornuth +$79,000Galfond +$201,0005105311
11Kornuth +$84,000Galfond +$117,0005405851
12Kornuth +$150,000Kornuth +$33,0005496400
13Kornuth +$157,000Kornuth +$190,0005006900
14Kornuth +$99,000Kornuth +$289,0005007400
15Galfond +$90,000Kornuth +$199,0005007900
16Kornuth +$35,000Kornuth +$234,0006008500
17Kornuth +$33,000Kornuth +$267,0006009100
18Kornuth +$56,000Kornuth +$323,0006009700
19Galfond +$45,500Kornuth +$277,50055010250
20Galfond +$1,000Kornuth +$276,50050010750
21Galfond +$36,000Kornuth +$240,50050011250
22Kornuth +$49,000Kornuth +$289,50055011800
23Galfond +$36,000Kornuth +$253,50060012400
24Kornuth +$91,000Kornuth +$344,50055012950
25Galfond +$123,000Kornuth +$221,50055013500
26Galfond +$47,000Kornuth +$174,50050014000
27Galfond +$143,000Kornuth +$31,50035014350
28Kornuth +$48,000Kornuth +$79,50050014850
29Kornuth +$3,000Kornuth +$82,50055015400
30Kornuth +$9,500Kornuth +$92,00060016000
31Galfond +$28,000Kornuth +$64,00050016500
32Galfond +$96,000Galfond +$32,00060017100
33Kornuth +$60,000Kornuth +$28,00055017650
34Kornuth +$8,500Kornuth +$36,5005017700
35Kornuth +$23,000Kornuth +$59,50060018300
36Galfond +$88,000Galfond +$28,50050018800
37Kornuth +$5,500Galfond +$23,00050019300
38Galfond +$113,000Galfond +$136,00070020000
39Galfond +$123,000Galfond +$259,00050020500
40Galfond +$20,000Galfond +$279,00050021000
41Galfond +$73,000Galfond +$352,00050021500
42Kornuth +$33,000Galfond +$319,00050022000
43Kornuth +$46,500Galfond +$272,50050022500
44Galfond +$80,000Galfond +$352,50050023200
45Galfond +$192,000Galfond +$544,50050023500
46Kornuth +$76,000Galfond +$468,50050024000
47Galfond +$46,000Galfond +$514,50050024500
48Galfond +$40,000Galfond +$554,50030024800
49Galfond +$126,000Galfond +$680,50050025300
50Galfond +$46,000Galfond +$726,50010025400

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