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Biggest Poker Fails in History

We all love to see huge pots and players winning large tournaments such as the WSOP. However, there are also numerous ways to make a fool of oneself at the tables. Therefore we are going to present you with the biggest fails in poker history!

Hero Call Fails

Have you ever called down your opponent, because you thought he was bluffing? Pretty much everybody who is playing poker has done it and sometimes felt like a total idiot afterward after being shown the stone-cold nuts.

However, in most cases, that just happened while sitting alone at home. Not so in this case: these guys called down their opponents while being on National Television.

WSOP 2012: Baumann vs. Balkin

This epic hand from the WSOP 2012 is an excellent example of somebody who crowed too soon. Balkin was ahead on the turn with a set of 10’s and made a large bet, which Baumann called with AJ suited.

Baumann made her flush on the river, but Balkin jumped up from his seat and started celebrating. However, his friends at the rails instantly let him know that he lost the hand.

Balkin quickly returned to the table to check the hand, took off his sunglasses, and realized that he lost. Devastating news for the Australian!

Checking down your Full House

A hand that left even Phil Ivey speechless must be something outstanding. And this one is extraordinary.

Patrick Antonius got involved in a hand against Jennifer Tilly. Tilly raised preflop with jacks, and Patrick called. Antonius hit a middle pair on the board, Jennifer, however, flopped top set. Jennifer checked, and Patrick bet $2,000, which she quickly called.

The flop was a king, both players checked, the river was another king which gave Jennifer a full house. Antonius checked, and Tilly checked behind, telling the players that she thought he had pocket kings. A real WTF moment in poker history.

Check-Raise Going Wrong

Check-raising your opponent can often be highly profitable. However, you have to pick the right spot for that risky move. Ubaid could not even call on the turn, because he had just king high.

In this case, though, Ubaid misread his opponent’s hand and got punished for it. This hand deserves its place on our list of the biggest poker fails.

Getting durrrr’d

It’s no shame to lose against one of the best poker players in recent history. Howard Lederer 4-bet Tom Dwan preflop with AK suited and called a 5-bet afterward.

Lederer missed all three streets, but durrrr managed to hit a pair of 8’s on the turn. Both players didn’t bet post-flop, and Dwan won this incredible hand.

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