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Best Poker Prop Bets 2022

Everyone loves a crazy prop bet; it’s a poker community tradition that has been around as long as the game has been played in living memory. And every year we see another collection of side bets to follow. Here are the best poker prop bets 2022!

Top 5 poker prop bets 2022

Doug Polk to Lose Half of His Body Fat in One Year

In February, Doug Polk agreed a $200,000 prop bet with Bill Perkins that he must lose half of his body fat in one year.

At 27.7% body fat this should be easily achievable at Polk’s age, but this could also work as a trap as progress slows down the closer to the goal he gets and motivation wains after a year’s dieting.

Landon Tice Wants $100K to Live in Bally’s Las Vegas for One Year without Ever Leaving

One of the more interesting bets we’ve seen in recent years come from Landon Tice. The Youngster booked a $100K bet with Patrick Leonard that he has to live in Bally’s Las Vegas for a year without ever setting foot outside of the property.

This might sound like an easy wager for Tice but Poker Twitter was quick to insist on certain stipulations to avoid giving him an easy ride.

First was that he can’t use the pool. Tice said this was to avoid “mental illness” but surely this is the whole underpin of the bet. It’s supposed to be mentally challenging; not just a 365-day holiday.

Phil Galfond Needs 40K Social Media Followers and Must Lose 20lbs

Phil Galfond recently came out with a new challenge for himself. Initially he planned to keep it private but eventually relented and booked a $10,000 bet with his friend.

Galfond must not only drop 20lbs in weight but also add another 40,000 followers to his social media channels over 90 days.

A lengthy Twitter post explained how Phil Galfond has let his fitness go and wanted motivation to regain it in his mid-thirties. But he did recognise that the real challenge will come later when the goal becomes maintaining it for life.

Can Melissa Burr Eat More Chicken Nuggets than Number of lbs Allen Kessler Can Bench Press?

Definitely the wackiest poker prop bet of 2022. Former high stakes poker player Melissa Burr reckons she can eat more chicken nuggets in one hour than the number of pounds that Allen Kessler can bench press.

Kessler is known for his unhealthy lifestyle, sitting all day in casinos and only eating a single meal of junk food.

The “Chainsaw” later attempted a single push up, which he did but admitted he couldn’t have done any more.

Jungleman and ElkY Bet $150K to Reach 12-14% Bodyfat First

The last bet is another fitness wager but this time in a format not normally seen. Jungleman and ElkY are racing to 12-14% bodyfat over six months.

Jungleman and ElkY agree to epic $150,000 Weight Loss Prop Bet

The pair got checked out and Jungleman must aim for 12% and ElkY 14% as he starts a little chubbier.

It’s not a regular occurrence that we see two players engaging in the same fitness/weight loss bet together. Normally we see one party bet that the other cannot achieve their goal.

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