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The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 8 – Bryn Kenney and Sean Perry win massive $600K Pots

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The long wait is finally over as the new High Stakes Poker Season 8 kicked off last night after a nine year break. From now on there will be new episode coming out every Wednesday. However, the episodes are exclusive to those with a paid PokerGo subscription and we want to give our players the chance to see the best hands and biggest pots for free. That’s why we will sum up the top hands of each High Stakes Poker Season 8 episode on the next day on VIP-Grinders.com!  

Another fantastic episode of High Stakes Poker last night with Bryn Kenney and Sean Perry both winning $600K Pots. Watch the best hands below!

Full Lineup of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 8

There were no changes regarding the lineup except for Bryn Kenney making his comeback:

  • Tom “durrrr” Dwan
  • Rick Salomon
  • Bryn Kenney
  • JRB
  • Michael Schwimer
  • Damien LeForbes
  • Sean Perry
  • John Andress

They are playing NL$400/$800 6-max with a straddle and minimum buy-in of $200,000.

Overpair vs. Top Pair – Sean Perry vs. JRB: $637,700 Pot

At the end of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 7 JRB won a huge pot and seemed to be on the comeback trail until this hand happened:

Tom Dwan opens from the Hijack with A♦6♦ to $2,500 and Sean Perry picks up Pocket Rockets on the button and makes it $7,000 to go.

JRB looks at 10♦8♦ and squeezes to $30,000, Dwan folds, but Perry coming back over the top to $70,000. JRB calls after asking for a count and realizing that they have similar stacks. Just like that there is a whopping $144,100 in the pot before the flop is even dealt.

The flop of 5♦10♠7♥ is bad news for Bellande as he flops top pair with a backdoor flush and straight draw. JRB check, Sean makes a small cbet of $40,000 and Bellande calls. Pot Size: $224,100

The 9♣ turn is even worse for Bellande as now he has an Open-Ender to go along his top pair, so he can’t fold to Perry’s $70,000 second barrel. Pot Size: $364,100

JRB has 14 outs, but the 7♦ is not one of them. Sean Perry goes All-in for $136,000. The problem is Bellande gets very good pot odds on a call and after tanking for almost a minute he tosses in the call just to see that he was way behind all the way. Sean Perry gets maximum value with his Aces and collects a massive $637,700 pot.


 Set vs. Two Pair – Bryn Kenney vs. Michael Schwimer: $597,200 Pot

This shouldn’t be the only $600k pot though as soon after Bryn Kenney and Michael Schwimer tangled in another huge hand.

John Andress straddles to $1,600, Dwan and JRB call and Schwimer raises it up from the small blind with K♣5to $4,000, Bryn Kenney calls with 4♥4♣ in the big. So does Tom, John and JRB. Pot Size: $20,800

5-handed to the flop of 2♠4♦K♠, where Kenney binks a set. Schwimer makes a continuation bet of $15,000 and Kenney makes it $52,000 to go, Schwimer calls and everybody else gets out of the way. Pot Size: $124,800

The A♥ on the turn gives Michael a gutshot and he checks it over to Bryn, who fires another $71,000, Schwimer calls again. Pot Size: $266,800

5♦ on the river is a nasty card for Michael and here the amateur makes a big mistake by saying “What a river”, which gives away his hand.  He checks though and Kenney makes a value bet of 2/3 pot and Michael quickly calls.

Bryn manages to get a full payout when flopping a set and adds a staggering $597,200 to his stack sending Michael Schwimer to the rails.


Two Pair vs. Top Pair Top Kicker – Michael Schwimer vs. Tom Dwan: $200,800 Pot

Before he busted Michael was involved in another very interesting hand against high stakes legend Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

Schwimer makes a loose open from the Highjack with 5♥4♣ and gets 3-bet big to $13,000 by Tom Dwan from the small blind, who has A♦K♥. Michael calls. Pot Size: $40,800

Heads-up to a flop of 4♠5♣2♥, which is perfect for Michael as it makes him Top Two. Dwan also has some equity with a gutshot and two overcards and cbets $14,000 into $40,800. Schwimer just calls. Pot Size: $54,800

Only calling on the flop proves to be a good decision for Michael as the A♥ shows up on the turn giving Tom Dwan Top Top. Tom checks though and Schwimer continues his slowplay by checking behind. Pot Size: $54,800

The J♠ on the river is essentially a blank and this time Tom does bet $25,000. Michael postures as usual and then announces All-in for $73,000. Tom visibly doesn’t like it, but he gets 3 to 1 and Dwan surprisingly call.

Michael Schwimer takes another pot worth $200,800 from the poker legend.


Next High Stakes Poker Episode: Wednesday, February 10th at 8 pm ET

The sixth episode of High Stakes Poker Season 8 will be released on Wednesday, February 10th 2021 at 8 pm ET and we will once again post the most spectacular hands and also the biggest pots and bluffs on VIP-Grinders.com the next day, so make sure to check back regularly for the latest updates from High Stakes Poker Season 8.

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