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The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 5 – Tom Dwan wins a $1,000,000 Pot!

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The long wait is finally over as the new High Stakes Poker Season 8 kicked off last night after a nine year break. From now on there will be new episode coming out every Wednesday. However, the episodes are exclusive to those with a paid PokerGo subscription and we want to give our players the chance to see the best hands and biggest pots for free. That’s why we will sum up the top hands of each High Stakes Poker Season 8 episode on the next day on VIP-Grinders.com!  

Absolute amazing episode of High Stakes Poker with several huge pots, great laydown and Tom Dwan winning a $1,000,000 pot in a sick 3-way All-in! Watch the best hands below!

Lineup of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 5

Here is the lineup of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 5:

  • Tom “durrrr” Dwan
  • Bryn Kenney
  • Rick Salomon
  • Nick Petrangelo
  • Lynne Ji 
  • Brandon Steven
  • Jason Koon

They are playing NL$400/$800 6-max with a straddle and minimum buy-in of $200,000.

Tom Dwan vs. Jean-Robert Bellande vs. Lynne Ji : $985,000 Pot

Yes, we saw the first $1,000,000 pot of High Stakes Poker Season 8 last night in episode 5! It was a sick 3-way preflop All-in Tom Dwan vs. Jean-Robert Bellande vs. Lynne Ji here is how the hand played out:

As you can see above, JRB straddled to $1,600, Rick Salomon made one of his loose preflop raises with 5♣3♣ to $4,000, Brandon Steven calls with A♦J♦ and Tom Dwan sets a nice trap by just calling with Q♠Q♣ on the button.

Lynne calls from the big blind with Q♥10♥ and JRB picks up A♣K♣ in the straddle. A nice spot for a 3-bet when you are in the straddle and that’s what Bellande does by making it $11.000 to go.

Salomon makes a very loose call, Steven calls and now Dwan comes back over the top makes it $54,000 to go.

Lynne has a clear fold here with Q♥10♥, but for whatever reason decides to make a play at the pot at the wrong time by 5-bet shoving all-in. A pretty clear mistake imo as she only has $159,000 behind and, given the strength a call on the button turned into a 4-bet from “durrrr” after JRB already showed strength, the likelihood that at least one of the two will call her with a dominating range of hands regarding the great pot odds they get on a call is simply too high.

JRB insta-shoves over the top behind her for $399,000 and Tom now actually has a difficult decision here. Dwan knows that JRB’s 6-bet shoving range in this spot is AA, KK, QQ (pretty unlikely as he as Pocket Queens himself), AK and maybe JJ and that’s it!

I ran an equity simulation and you can see below that it is a coinflip, when we leave Pocket Jacks in the range and that Dwan is a 60/40 underdog, when we take it out:


As you can see from above, this is by no means an easy call, although it looks like one at first glance. Under normal circumstances you have a coinflip at best and if JRB has Aces or Kings you are crushed.

However, there are main reason, which favours a call in this exact spot namely that Tom has already invested $54,000 and only has to call $345,000 to win $985,000 giving him very attractive pot odds of 2.85 to 1, so the call is mathematically correct.

Tom is a genius, when it comes to pot odds and therefore makes the right call. JRB is a slight favourite with 43%, Dwan is almost even with $41% equity and Lynne has an only 18% chance to win the hand.

They agree to run it three times and here are the runouts:


Tom Dwan gets pretty lucky to win all three runouts and scoops a massive $985,000 pot, which is by far the biggest so far in High Stakes Poker Season 8 and also one of the biggest ever in High Stakes Poker history.

Set vs. Top Pair Top Kicker – JRB vs. Brandon Steven: $424,800 Pot

After two limpers, JRB raises from the button with 7♠7♥ to $7,000 and Brandon Steven finds A♥K♦ in the big blind and makes it $24,000 to go.

Salomon and Dwan get out of the way, JRB calls and they go heads-up to a flop of K♠9♠7♦. Brandon makes a continuation bet of $37,000 and Bellande snap-calls. Pot Size: $147,600

The 3♣ is a blank and Brandon bets $77,000. JRB has only $138,000 behind and announces all-in. Steven quickly calls and sees that he is drawing dead. This hand is a bit of a cooler and basically plays itself after the flop.


Tom Dwan lays down Top Two Pair – Bryn Kenney vs. Tom Dwan: $572,000

The following hand shows that Tom Dwan was in the zone in episode 5 as he makes a great laydown here.

Bryn Kenney opens from UTG+1 to $2,500 with A♦3♦, Brandon Steven calls from the Hijack with Pocket Sevens and Dwan picks up A♠K♠ on the button and pops it up to $12,000. Bryn and Steven both call. Pot Size: $38,000

3-handed to the action flop of A♥K♣3♥, which gives both Tom and Bryn Two Pair, but Dwan has Kenney crushed. “durrrr” continues for $22,000 into $38,000 and Kenney just calls.

Bryn has only two outs, which equals an 8% chance to win this hand, but the 3♣ is one of them! This card catapults Kenney from being a 92/8 underdog to a 93% favourite! In addition to that, his hand is well-disguised as a Tom can’t put him on a Three. Tom fires $55,000 and Bryn again just calls. Pot Size: $192,000

The 10♥ on the river is a scare card for Tom as it completes the flush draw. Bryn sets the trap by checking a third time over to Dwan, who goes for it by making a value bet of $95,000.

Bryn Kenney announcing raise to $285,000 is not what Dwan expected and wanted to hear as a check-raise signals huge strength on a board texture like this.

Bryn is representing a flush or a full house and Tom believes him, making a great fold by throwing away Top Two Pair, while Bryn collects a nice pot worth $572,000.


Next High Stakes Poker Episode: Wednesday, January 20th at 8 pm ET

The sixth episode of High Stakes Poker Season 8 will be released on Wednesday, January 20th 2021 at 8 pm ET and we will once again post the most spectacular hands and also the biggest pots and bluffs on VIP-Grinders.com the next day, so make sure to check back regularly for the latest updates from High Stakes Poker Season 8.

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