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The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 11 – Jake Daniels wins a huge $425,400 Pot from Jason Koon

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The two action players Tom Dwan and Jake Daniels were both making great plays and won huge pots above the $349,000 mark in Episode 11. Watch the best hands below!

Full Lineup of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 11

We continue with the same lineup as in High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 10, which is as follows:

  • Tom Dwan
  • Phil Ivey
  • Phil Hellmuth
  • Jason Koon
  • Brandon Adams
  • James Bord
  • Chamath Palihapitiya
  • Jake Daniels
  • Lazaro Hernandez

Kings vs. Queens – Jake Daniels vs. Jason Koon: $425,400 Pot

High stakes regular Jason Koon joined at the end of High Stakes Poker Episode 10 and straight away clashed in some huge pots with Jake Daniels.

The biggest hand developed, when Jake Daniels picks up K♥K♣ in MP1 and raises to $2,200. Jason Koon looks at Q♠Q♥ right behind him and makes it $8,000 to go. Everyone else folds and when the action is back on Jake he 4-bets to $29,000, Koon calls. Pot Size: $60,000

The J♦K♠4♠ gives Jake the Nuts. Although Jason has middle pair and a backdoor flush draw, it is not really the flop you want to see, when holding Pocket Queens, as now also A-K beats you. However, Daniels chooses a cheeky tiny continuation bet sizing of only ¼ pot, which leaves Jason not much choice but to call. Pot Size: $88,600

The 3♠ on the turn is an interesting card as Koon picks up the Second Nut Flush Draw. Daniels bets $40,000 and Jason deliberately calls. Pot Size: $168,900

Important to note: Jake Daniels told Jason that he bluffed him in a sizeable pot before that hand.

This is where metagame comes in play after a blank shows up on the 2♥ river. Jake knows that Jason is still thinking about this hand and that he got bluffed before. That’s why, he decides to shove his remaining $128,000 to polarize his hand to the maximum and make it look like he is bluffing again.

Jason goes deep into the tank and he thinks for more almost three minutes. He finally talks himself into calling just to see the bad news.

Great play by Jake Daniels, who owns Jason Koon, which earns him the biggest pot of the night worth a whopping $425,400.

The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 11 - Jake Daniels wins a $425,400 Pot from Jason Koon

Ace High vs. Flush – Tom Dwan vs. Jake Daniels: $349,000 Pot

In the very next hand action player Jake Daniels is involved in another massive pot, this time versus Tom Dwan.

Dwan straddles to $1,600 and Phil Hellmuth opens from Middle Position with K♠9♠ to $3,600. Daniels makes it $11,500 to go on the button holding A♣9♥, Dwan defends his straddle with 9♦7♦ and the nitty Phil Hellmuth folds the better hand for only $7,900 more. Pot Size: $28,600

The 4♦3♣3♦ flop looks pretty dry at first glance, but in this case actually has some potential as “durrrr” flops a Flush Draw, while Ace High is often the best hand here. Tom checks and Jake makes another small continuation bet of $8,200, but gets check-raised by Dwan to $30,000.

You might think this is a fold and correctly though, but not for Jake, who doesn’t like to give up and is extremely sticky. Pot Size: $88,600

The Q♥ on the turn favours the preflop aggressor and after Tom checks, there is the chance for Daniels to steal the pot. He tries to take it with a $40,200 bet, but it doesn’t work as Dwan calls. Pot Size: $169,000

On the 10♦ Tom Dwan does indeed make his flush and he checks over to Jake once more, who fires a third barrel worth $90,000, which are obviously getting called since Tom made his hand and Dwan wins a huge $349,000 pot.

The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 11 - Jake Daniels wins a $425,400 Pot from Jason Koon

Three Barrel Bluff vs. Top Pair – Tom Dwan vs. Lazaro Hernandez: $162,800 Pot

Tom Dwan straddles to $1,600 and Phil Hellmuth raises UTG to $3,800 with A♦10♦ to $3,800 and Lazaro Hernandez 3-bets from UTG+2 with A♣K♦ to $8,500. Tom defends his straddle with J♦5♦ and Hellmuth again folds to a single raise holding a decent starting hand.

Playing tight in live cash games and waiting for the right spot is not a bad strategy in live cash games, but what Phil Hellmuth shows us here is way too weak-tight. Pot Size: $22,800

2-way to a flop of J♥2♣9♥, which gives “durrrr” Top Pair, while Hernandez whiffs. This board texture strongly favours the preflop caller, but Lazaro nevertheless makes a large cbet of $15,000, probably trying to rep an overpair, after being checked to. Tom calls. Pot Size: $52,000

The 4♠ turn is a complete blank and Lazaro continues to tell his story of a big hand by firing a $25,000 barrel. Dwan check-calls again. Pot Size: $102,800

The 4♥ on the river is an interesting card as the flush comes in and also a full house is possible now. So it looks like a good card to bluff, but in fact it isn’t since it strengthens other pairs, when the board pairs.

However, Lazaro has to bet, if he wants to take down the hand as he can’t win a showdown. That’s what he does and he elects to make his bluff look like a value bet, by betting only 29% pot.

He wants to make it look like a “please call me bet” and Dwan does indeed go into the tank, but then relatively quickly makes the right decision and collects another $162,800 pot.

The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 11 - Jake Daniels wins a $425,400 Pot from Jason Koon