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Best eWallet Deals 2021

When moving money online, it is important to choose fast & secure options. Therefore, we decided to introduce you to the best eWallet deals in 2021. 

Best eWallet Deals 2021

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What are eWallets?

Digital wallets are also known as eWallets and refer to online services that allow you to make electronic transactions.

Especially if you are playing online poker, eWallets and cryptocurrencies are the best way of moving funds.

Nowadays, pretty much every single, reputable online poker site lets you deposit and withdraw funds using an eWallet.

The Best eWallets Deals in 2021

We are glad to provide you with the best eWallet deals in 2021! Our recommended eWallet deals are available for: Luxon, ecoPayz, Skrill, and NETELLER.

All the above-mentioned eWallets have been available for several years and have a great reputation.

Instead of simply signing up with these providers, we recommend you to make use of our favourable eWallet deals, instead.

By signing up through us, you will not only get improved deals, but we will also provide you with additional, personal support.

Why you should use eWallet deals for Online Poker

Using an eWallet for your poker transfers is not only really convenient, but online poker sites also process this kind of payments faster than deposits and withdrawals through credit cards or bank transfers.

Furthermore, an eWallet will give you almost unlimited access to your funds. Nowadays, many eWallets also provided you with a debit card, which allows you to withdraw your money at an ATM.

Certain eWallets such as Luxon even let you convert currencies at a spot rate. This means that you get the current price level in the market for every single conversion that you initiate.

Besides that, you should also take into consideration that many poker sites will charge fees if you decide to withdraw to your bank account or credit card.

However, if you use an eWallet, you won’t have to pay any additional fees. The vast majority of transactions from eWallets are not charged any fees.

Moreover, if you are frequently moving funds between poker sites, it is important to have some additional cashback. That’s exactly what you are getting through our exclusive ecoPayz cashback deal.

Get larger & exclusive poker bonuses when using eWallets

On top of the multiple benefits, several eWallets are also making additional efforts to provide their customers with even more value.

That’s why some of our partner poker sites will give you special bonuses and benefits if you are using a specific eWallet.

For example, you can expect to receive larger first deposit bonus offers or additional reload bonuses. Make sure to check our newsletter or your eWallet account to not mis