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2+2 User “mamelas” Claims He Was Treated in a Racist Way by Three Amigos Poker Stable

A scandal is brewing on the 2+2 forums over alleged targeted racism in the Three Amigos stable. Forum member mamelas posted a long explanation detailing his treatment including screenshots.

Three Amigos Poker

Three Amigos Poker Stable Under Pressure

This whole affair looks to be blowing up out of proportion, with mamelas doing his utmost to keep it going.

Although it does appear there is truth in some unsavoury comments along racial lines being posted, the OP might have an ulterior motive.

Of course, as you might expect, the 2+2 community were straight onto his case calling it a storm in a teacup. What was his real aim?

The original post started with a complaint about a bait and switch with the OP’s previous stable as well as Three Amigos. mamelas had a good moan about being signed up to both stables to play as high as $55 and $109 MTTs but was relegated to as little as $15 average buy-ins.

“The point is: Just as imawhale bait n switched me by telling me I would play a $55 abi, which turned out to be a $15 abi; Three Amigos also, knowing I had already left the other stable, dropped the initial 55s included to only 33s,“

“And so I sucked it up and grinded that for 4 months.”

Three Amigos Poker

Three Amigos Poker Now Out of Pocket

Within a few posts mamelas alludes to the possibility that he won’t return the funds in his accounts that belong to Three Amigos. With more than $5,000 in makeup and $1,500 in his poker account this isn’t a small sum we’re talking about here.

“I told them several weeks ago I would not be dealing with this human who chooses to do bad. They neglected to acknowledge this (while knowing his past history and his targeted hate/racism) costing everyone involved money.”

“I told them that I would be charging him/them money for my time.”

Is this whole drama a ruse to keep hold of the $1,500 while avoiding any legal issues due to contracts?

Three Amigos Poker Responds

Yesterday evening, after the whole thread was beginning to run out of control, a representative from Three Amigos Poker posted a response.

It definitely sounds as if mamelas was just getting frustrated at not being allowed to play higher stakes while his life money pot was dwindling fast. The later racism allegations were likely only being used as a tool to hold onto the bankroll.

“We found a bunch of banter in our politics chat that represent opinions we don’t share and realized it was very unprofessional. That is our blame to take for even allowing a platform in our group which can create division. We deleted the chat as we realized there was no benefit to having it especially in the current times we live in.”

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