Exclusive November Promotions

Dec 2018
$4,000 Intertops Weekly Races

Every week you can secure your share of $4,000 at the Intertops Weekly Races. Top 100 places get paid, which means you have a great chance to earn some extra money here. Simply rake as much as you can! The $4,000 weekly races are running from 1st to 7th, 8th to 14th, 15th to 21st and 22nd to 28th of every month! As this promotion is hosted externally, you have to click on the “Leaderboard” inside of the promo to view it.

$1,000 Exclusive Breakout Rake Race
Pos Username Points Prize
1 alpyn 5679.57 400.00
2 MLMpoharam1 1952.25 250.00
3 zcx3111 1912.70 100.00
4 Tiltboy19 1636.32 80.00
5 anomalija 1303.25 60.00
Last Updated: 11:42 CET, 7th Dec 2018
Promotion finished
$30,000 VIP Leaderboard
Pos Username Points Prize
1 valleydoll 30556.32 3500.00
2 Mario 16135.70 2250.00
3 krokozor 12984.20 1500.00
4 Wadya 12103.64 1000.00
5 Urban 10765.60 850.00
Last Updated: 13:30 CET, 7th Dec 2018
$30,000 Exclusive Coral & Ladbrokes Race

Are you playing on Coral Poker or Ladbrokes? Join this race and secure your share of this extra money! There are two exclusive races included in this promotion.  They run from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the 30th of November for all players, who sign up through us at Coral or Ladbrokes. Additionally, those players can participate in our $30,000 VIP Leaderboard and Exclusive Coral & Ladbrokes Chase as well!

Promotion finished
$1,500 VIP Rookie Leaderboard
Pos Username Points Prize
1 as22theone 6594.18 500.00
2 djcvdjcvd11 4860.47 300.00
3 dragunov1972 1339.50 200.00
4 Innocen1 653.69 150.00
5 MM05 543.78 100.00
Last Updated: 11:42 CET, 7th Dec 2018
Promotion finished
$10.000 November Battle
Pos Username Points Prize
1 iTakee 62892.55 1750.00
2 TheNotoriousOne 42687.27 1200.00
3 dannytoft 42467.09 900.00
4 fromthereandover 33521.00 700.00
5 thebeaniegod 30419.37 600.00
Last Updated: 17:25 CET, 10th Dec 2018
Promotion finished
$10k MTT & SNG VIP Leaderboard
Pos Username Points Prize
1 iTakee 62936.52 2000.00
2 TheNotoriousOne 43120.43 1250.00
3 dannytoft 42909.62 1000.00
4 fromthereandover 33521.00 800.00
5 thebeaniegod 30542.93 700.00
Last Updated: 11:48 CET, 7th Dec 2018
Promotion finished
€10,000 Betfair Rake Race

Sign-up with Betfair trough us and enter an additional €10,000 rake race! All our Betfair affiliated players participate automatically. And that on top of other promotions including $30,000 VIP Leaderboard and two €100 Private Freerolls!

€10,000 Ladbrokes Points Races

Each week, Thursday to Wednesday, Ladbrokes players can compete for their share of €2,500. Top 50 performing players get paid. And that on top of other promotions including $30,000 VIP Leaderboard!

How do Rake Races work?

Rake Races are online poker competitions, where you simply have to produce as much rake as possible and more than your competitors on a certain online poker site in a set timeframe.
They usually pay a set number of places, mostly between 100 and 200 and the top 10 all take home a big chunk of money!

Exclusive VIP-Grinders Rake Races

At VIP-Grinders.com we have the biggest and best rake races in the online poker world! They are a part of our rakeback deals.

Those include our VIP Leaderboard – our biggest private promotion, as well as the biggest exclusive Coral Poker and Partypoker and Bwin  Rake Races on the World Wide Web.
They all promise staggering prize pools!

Our Exclusive Party & Bwin Race is an amazing race offering a $20,000 with $2,500 going to the first place finisher.

The $30,000 Exclusive Coral Race is a challenge for our Coral Poker affiliated players. Simply rake as much as you can and secure your share of the $30,000 prize pool.

Our private rake races are exclusive to our members, that means you are only competing against other VIP-Grinders members, which gives them massive value.

The prize pools will be increased as more players join the competition, so make sure to refer your friends and earn 3% lifetime commission.

In addition to that, we offer regular monthly promotions for online poker players to earn huge rakeback on top.

Please view all our exclusive poker rake races above and choose the right one for your taste!

More Poker Rake Races

Many online poker rooms offer rake races for their members as an incentive to play more.
Usually they divide their prize pools into categories by stakes so every player has a chance to win.
One of the biggest rake races currently available are the Exclusive Twister Races on Coral Poker.
More amazing rake races are regularly running on Partypoker  as well as on the MPN Network. Please go to their site for details by clicking on the links above.

How do I claim my Prize?

Rake Race prizes are usually credited directly to your poker account.
But in some cases, your prize will be sent to your preferred e-wallet after the race is finished. If this is the case, it will be stated in the Terms & Conditions of the rake race.