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Poker Hand of the Week – Rampage’s Sick Fold With A Flush At Hustler Casino Live

In our Poker Hand of the Week we analyze a sick fold by Rampage versus Double M with a flush on the Hustler Casino Live stream.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This hand was played at the $100/$200/$200 High Stakes table at Hustler Casino Live, which featured Nik Airball, Ethan “Rampage” Yau, Mariano and Double M among others.

Poker Hand of the Week – Rampage’s Sick Fold With A Flush At Hustler Casino Live

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The blinds are $100/$200 with a $200 big blind ante and Double M has Rampage covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


Mariano raises from UTG with A♣J♠ to $500, Double M calls with K♥4♥ and Rampage raises to $2,500 from the Hijack with 8♥7♥. Dario calls with K♣Q♣ and so do Mariano and Double M. Pot Size: $10,500


4-way to an action flop of 5♦J♥5♥, which gives Mariano top pair top kicker and both Rampage and Double M a flush draw. Surprisingly it checks around. Pot Size: $10,500


The 9♥ is one of the spiciest cards in the deck as both Rampage and Double M turn the flush. It checks to Rampage, who makes a delayed continuation bet of $3,500, Mariano calls and Double M makes it $15,000 to go with the King-high flush. Rampage calls and Mariano folds. Pot Size: $44,000 


The 7♦ on the river doesn’t change much and Double M makes a value bet of $25,000 into $44,000 (56% pot). Rampage goes into the tank for more than a minute and then folds his flush! Double M wins a relatively small $44,000 pot considering the flush over flush scenario.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Good fold! Let’s try to find out why Rampage made it.

Preflop is relatively standard except the 3-bet by Rampage with 87s after a UTG raise. It does however make sense to 3-bet instead of just calling with your Suited Connectors in position every once in a while as you can either pick up the dead money or if you get called those hands have a great playability, especially in a multiway pot.

Once Dario calls, Mariano and Double M are priced in as well and they go 4-way to the flop.

And an absolute action flop it is! Mariano makes top pair top kicker and preflop raiser Rampage and Double M both pick up a flush draw. It checks to the preflop raiser, who surprisingly decides to check it back.

After a Heart on the turn Rampage and Double M complete their flush with M having the higher one. However, there is also a pair on the board, which means a full house is possible as well.

Rampage makes a small delayed cbet of 33% pot, Mariano calls and Double M check-raises to $15,000. Rampage calls and Mariano gets out of the way.

The 7d on the river changes nothing and Double M chooses a “please call me” value bet sizing of 56% pot sending Rampage deep into the tank.

Ethan goes through the entire hand and decides to fold the flush.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Great fold by Rampage! However, if you put the pieces of the puzzle together it becomes comprehensible, why he made it.

There are two main reasons: The board is paired in a 4-way pot, so it is easily possible that his 8-high flush is not the best hand, since he loses to almost any other flush and all full houses.

Secondly, the line and bet sizing Double M is taking: Check Flop, Check-Raise Turn, Small Value Bet River is a line that indicates a very strong hand.

Rampage takes his time, puts all of the above into consideration and decides that it is unlikely that his flush is good here.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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